Never allow your Team Members to Outperform You!


After closely monitoring the Visual Genealogy Center, it is found less active team members, (Sponsors) are lagging in performance. Identifying these Sponsors, and contacting them to motivate them should be our next immanent step.


Less active Sponsors are in grave danger of losing their active members since the change has been implemented by the SFI Admin Support Staff. Now, if a Sponsor is inactive and fails to maintain their EA qualification for 2 month they stand a chance of loosing them.

There is another clause that states; If a team member, (sponsor) is inactive over 45 days there is a chance that Affiliate will lose their entire team. We have Sponsors who are in dangerous territory at this moment.

Say, for example, you have active EA team members, a few Bronze Team Members, and a Silver Team Member all active on your team. There is a very like chance of loosing them all to your Sponsor, if you do not re-qualify as EA because of inactivity for 2 months.

There is no more free lunch here with SFI. My former Sponsor lost an entire team of well over 40,000 signups due to inactivity. This sponsor had worked diligently for several years enrolling PSA members. This sponsor was hoarding enrolls, and keeping them all just boast of how many enroll had been accumulated over the years.

The rank of Platinum Team Leader was gained. The sponsor was boasting of how just setting back and making money once the Platinum Team Leader was gained would be. While out having a good time taking vacations, the entire team rolled up to her Sponsor.

This is what an active Team Members profile looks like:


It is my goal to support everyone until their badges look more like this including my own. By that time we all will be earning a very strong income, because we all have “Strong Team Builders!”

Don’t allow this roll up to happen to you. There is no longer a free ride, and we have an opportunity to earn unlimited income the rest of our lives. All we have to do is tend to our business as serious business investors do.

I’m sharing this story for a reason. We have a few on our team who think they will draw an income off the work of those they have active on their team.

Not anymore!

Why would we not stay ahead of the crowd? It is nonsense to not get the most out of this opportunity while we have the chance. It has been said; “Opportunity only knocks once!”

If opportunity knocks twice it will never be the same as the first. Let’s get the habit of doing “More than what is expected!” This will keep us ahead of the crowd, and our income will speak for itself. Our activity should speak for us. Why would we keep talking business, and have nothing to show for us?


Let’s get back in the game and stay ahead of the crowd; (Our team) we are Team Leaders!


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