Strong Team Builders Co-op, and ProProfit Co-op Manager Systems

The following Team Members have been entered into the Strong Team Builders Co-op:

Alvin Johnson 30 1
Syl G 7 0
Olusegun Charles 7 1
Louise Gedeon 2 1
Charia Toby 7 0
Halil Kerqeli 2 0
rohit kumar 2 1

The Following Team Member has been entered into the PROPROFIT Co-op:

O   R
14960371 Alvin Johnson 50 69


R = Received PSA Members O = Owed

I will be adding 50 to 30 New PSA Members per month to the PROPROFIT Co-op. If there are no qualified Team Members on our Team all New PSA Members will be delivered to your Sponsor.

The Strong Team Builders Co-op depends solely on SFI, and their delivery of New PSA Members through the S-Builders Co-op.

PROPROFIT consistently delivers 30 – 50 PSA members every month.

We now have 2 Co-op’s running, and there will also more New PSA Members delivered to your Sponsor via Spin&Build.

Here is my challenge; The first Team Member who shows a performance of 3 consecutive month as a Bronze Team Leader will be assigned 5 New PSA Members delivered them via Spin&Build.

Following, all the way to Gold Team Leader, 5 New PSA Members will be assigned to the first Team Member who reaches Silver Team Leader, and 5 to the first Team Member who reaches Gold Team Leader.

Remember; “What I do for you, is what I’m positioning you to do for those New PSA Members you receive through our S-Builder Co-op, PROPROFIT, and Spin&Build.”

These New PSA Members are delivered to you for your training experience, and for you to assign downward just like I do for you, as you continue on with training those you are assigned. The more you assign downward, the more you will receive from me. You are expected to train and coach them through as their mentor. Mentor as many as you can before assigning them downward whenever you can.

Of course, if you have set up your own co-op, many of these will go directly to your enrolls. You will understand fully this concept once you begin to grow your immediate team.

By then everything will fall into place, you will get the “Big Picture!”

Your Sponsor is assigning you primed PSA members, and also assigning you fresh PSA members consistently for the purpose of supporting you in the growth of your team. Be sure to follow what I’m doing for you, and duplicate this, by doing for those you are assigned the same.

You will do well with this business, you will succeed!

This information is posted on our “Strong Team Building” Facebook Fan Page, and Group Site. I also will post this information to my Facebook Timeline.


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