Want to know where we are headed with our SFI venture?

Many times I’m approached by other SFI Affiliates who have doubts or, unsure about this SFI home business opportunity. In this case it is shared what we do as a team, however it is not favorable to interfere with what other sponsors outside our immediate teams expect from their team members.

It’s all about investing!

The way to support your teams begin to grow,with dual investment strategy.

1) Invest time in learning and training
2) Invest earnings back into the business and those we enroll

If we fail to realize these two concepts we fail in this business.

We grow our business by growing our individual team members we enrolled, one on one.

First we decided overnight we are serious business!

This is the most reasonable way for all of us to experience overnight success.

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Here is a recent conversation with an affiliate opportunity seeker:

OK Alvin worry not I want to know much about sfi
I see you are with SFI also.
I joined 6/7/207
Who is your sponsor?
My sponsor is sanja
Are you in contact with the sponsor?
Am living in Tanzania where are you?
Yes am in contact
It seems this is the good business but in Africa we are still having a problem with network marketing.
I see
What I do with my team is focus only on building up a very strong team first.
I help them do this.
This is good
I don’t know if your sponsor is working the business in this manner.
I do not want to interfere with what your sponsor expects from you.
In team building it is necessary to purchase goods or you can purchase only Tc and you will get full commission.
What I do may be different from most sponsors.
Tell me the way what are doing?
I actually have a qualification process which will qualify my enrolls to earn PSA members.
I give them more PSA members as their performance and progress improves.
Because you can help me to built a strong team
Our Co-op Manager is set up to deliver automatically those New PSA Members to those who qualify in this manner; 2 New PSA Members for making the Movers List, 5 New PSA Members for remaining EA, and 10 New PSA Members for maintaining a Bronze position, and 13 New PSA Members every month for remaining BCQ qualified every month.
That’s is good idea
This way our team members, as individuals can automatically qualify for up to 30 New PSA Members every month. 🙂
This is what we call investing.
We invest our commission earnings back into the business until we earn enough profit to save more money for future investments.
Our goal is to teach 5 – 7 people to duplicate this.
After that the sky is the limit! 🙂
Your tactic is very good because I have started to create my team I will try to use that technique.
We don’t spend our earnings on personal items. We get our teams and their business going first.
This way we earn more cash to advertise.
This we call our advertising budget.
So our next stage is advertising once we get our strong teams established.
One step at a time. 🙂
You have selected the best home business opportunity on the internet. Congratulations on your find!
Just never quit! ❤
Chat soon, okay?
You can email me also: caresrepaljohnson@gmail.com

About Online Marketing Connection

Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/backtoschoolart
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