Interview With A Self-Made Millionaire


How many times do we find a business owner who is prosperous skipping out for days, and missing work? Not many times. Those millionaires all have one thing in common which most share willingly. They all worked with what they had every day doing what things they found possible and necessary to stay ahead with the business, and remain ahead of the crowd.

They arrived at work every day whether they made money or not, did those things necessary to keep the business afloat consistently, and kept their focus on their goal to reach what they had envisioned.

This is what made them successful. I have worked online over 16 years researching online marketing. I also researched conversations with several millionaires. All of them had the same work ethics, and none of them ever quit.

We may not all wish to become a millionaire. We all do want success, as this is why we joined SFI in the first place.

If we are not thinking as entrepreneurs and investors, we are not serious business owners. We think we can make it by chance, or we will get lucky some day, however that day is never in the making for us if we are not yet seeking success seriously.

I will be sharing with everyone what they have been missing as I review each persons Ledger individually one on one. I will point out what you can do to achieve your goals and improve your performance.

Get back with me if you have any questions. I can be reached via email below. It is very important that you get in touch with me if you are still seriously seeking success with the SFI business opportunity.

First we become investors!



Find out what Shezi’s parents said when they found out he dropped out of university, what the biggest obstacle was for the young entrepreneur when he opened the doors to his first business, the Global Forex Institute, and what his plans are for the future.

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Like what you see here?


Like what you see here?

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Meet South Africa’s youngest self-made millionaire

24 August, 10:58 AM


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