NEW Opti-build Booster Contest for July/August 2017; WIN $850 USD cash!


The Plan!

This month should be the most important month for those who make EA!

Once we make EA, doors of opportunity open which also lead to us becoming a Bronze Team Leader, and remaining in the making to move up the ranks very quickly, all the way to Diamond Team Leader.

What is puzzling, is those who do make it tend to get complacent, and fail to log in from time to time. This will not hurt those who have already qualified for their 30 monthly New PSA Members, however it places them in jeopardy for the following month, because now they have to work two more extra months to meet the qualification requirements.

Let’s get this clear: Just because you have to wait two extra months to meet the previous requirements you forfeited the previous month, does not mean you stop communication with your team members you already earned.

By keeping up with our current enrolls, (PSA Members)keeping these members informed and up to date with their performance will help hold you until you meet the requirement; i.e., (log in without missing any days each month)because if we fail to log in we also fail to communicate, and monitor the performance with those newly earned PSA Members.

It is very important we continue to monitor our enrolls performance every day as to learn their activity and progress. This way we keep up on how to reward them.

On the other side, we don’t deserve supportive team building privileges from our sponsors if we fail to keep up with the performance of our enrolls (PSA Members from the Co-op Manager), and reward them accordingly.

Missing days hamper our ability to support our enrolls in many ways.

Here is the solution: Maybe some need a break now and then. Missing days will give you a one month break from qualifying for the 30 guaranteed PSA delivery from the ProProfit Co-op.

We need to be there for our new enrolls the first stages of their development if we are to become successful with this business.

Several SFI Affiliates have already qualified for 2 PSA members for making it on the Movers List, to be delivered them once they become an EA member, which will also qualify them for 5 more PSA Members, a total of 7 New PSA Members earned through the “Strong Team Builders” co-op. This means if you qualify for EA this month you will receive enough PSA members to earn the Bronze Badge.

Missing days will also set our prospective EA members back one month. Hope this point is well understood. We do not support free ridership in this business.

Don’t waste time!

Position yourself early, find success early.

This message has been sent to you on behalf of Proprofit – Global Marketing Services an ECA merchant we are connected with at

NEW Opti-build Booster Contest for July/August 2017; WIN $850 USD cash!

See details here:

TIP: to maximise the beneficial effects of this contest for your entire team, why don’t you send out a mailing to all your PSAS ( to be sure they know about this contest? And don’t forget to ask the to forward the same message to all their PSAs!

ProProfit also supports our team building for the 30 New PSA delivery from the Co-op Manager; (Key Code 1103)

You will know the PSA is delivered by our ECA ProProfit, and working in your behalf by the key code (1103)

That’s all for now!

Help building up your team until you realize real profit is what this business is all about. The more members we help, the more profit we realize, and realize very quickly.

Keep in touch!

Alvin Johnson
SFI Silver Master Team Builder

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