Build Something Great with SFI

Build Something Great with SFI “The Plan!”

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In 2016 SFI introduced a new concept for their Affiliate network which opened the doors to new ideas. What was so obvious to some seemed to be impossible for others, and the free riders began to be left behind.

Enough on free riders. Let’s “Build Something Great!”


Where we are today in 2017, takes on a new business focus. We now must look at our business as a genuine investment. This investment first begins with us as individuals. We must invest in ourselves first. We learn what it takes to be successful.

Here is “The Plan!”


We invest in our goal to become very successful with what we create. What we create first on will definitely decide whether we move full speed ahead, or fall behind consistently. Our goal is “Building Stronger Teams!”

The two most important investments we can ever make is that investment in our business, and the investment we decide to make in those we enroll. We do not seek to prosper just by signing people up, we seek out as many ways possible to support them. This is called; “Team Building!”

Just like we support the growth of those we enroll, we also must support the growth of our business. Both require some investment, whether it be time or money, we must be prepared to advance by investing income and earnings back into our business.

Of course we joined to earn income, however if we bleed the earnings from our company on personal items instead of investing in those options that will help support the growth of our business and those we enroll we will certainly struggle for many years ahead.

The more we invest, and the earlier we learn how to invest our earnings back into this business to achieve more profit, the sooner we will own a very successful home business.

Thank you for all of you who have decided to climb!


Alvin Johnson
SFI Silver Master Team Builder

Thinking about how this business could work for you? JOIN US!!!



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