A Huge pat on the Back is very Encouraging.


Alvin Johnson

United States

You recently advanced in SFI…and we asked our affiliates to join us in congratulating you for being our Newest Silver Team Leader. We thought you might like to know that 448 of your fellow SFI’ers added their names to the congratulations list! Keep up the great work!


Recognition: CSA Alvin Johnson


If you’re interested in more New PSA Members, there is a chance to get more!


See the latest post on our Strong Team Builders blog:

Congratulations, Trudy Ned!

Information on my Facebook page, Leadership blog, Facebook fan page, Strong Team Builders blog, Facebook Strong Team Builders group sites,(there are 2 find one you will find the other), also our Strong Team Builders Pinterest board has much more information you can get about Team Leaders and Strong Team Builders.

By following these social media sites, more knowledge can be gained about Team Leaders and Strong Team Builders concepts, and allow me to share your posts and ads on my own social media sites and blogs.

All of them can be found on Google!

As you can see it has all been set up to help everyone succeed. The more effort we put in this together, the much stronger our teams will grow online.

Paying close attention to the progress and performance of our team members who show definite achievement means we also must be prepared to support them.

Communication is very important.

We need to support them by keeping them informed.

Our Genealogy System, along with the Ecard System, Team Mail, Social Media, and Personal Email Account will help us support our team members.

This mailing is intended to alert those who are close to obtaining their EA or Bronze Status, or have already met them.

It is time to prepare to support your teams.

Soon I will be sending you reassigned PSA members who are not active.

You will begin using the tools mentioned above to help support them by keeping them informed of your activities.

Those who show definite achievement, you will begin to support them by keeping them informed, just like I do with you.

It will be easy to support them because you will have already had experience from what I’m doing with you.

This is what we call duplication!

Following the pattern I used with you, will guide you along the way.

Keep all communication from me stored in a safe place. You will have it in the future to reference as your teams begin to grow.

That’s all for now.

See you at the top!

Get in touch with me if you have any questions.

See you all at the top!



Alvin Johnson

SFI Silver “Master Team Builder”


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