This is what we plan for “Team Building” in the future…….



Just to keep everyone up to date on our team building strategy, it is necessary to keep up front what this is all about.

Please take time to review the link below until we all grasp what it is we are striving to achieve;

It may seem like too much at first, however it is not expected that all will be absorbed at once. Over time all of this will come together as we grow and learn.

The best way to learn is to actually experience what I do for you as your performance develops and your team begins to grow through my support.

The most important practice is to begin following what social media platforms are being used used to achieve our goals. They all can be accessed here:

This Gravatar profile I created will be used to help us locate and share among our individual and team members social media sites among other social media platforms, and what makes it so convenient for us to help share our affiliate websites is, as we can see, we find them located all under one roof.

This is what we plan in the future, however it is very important that as many of us who can start creating these social media advertising platforms as soon as it becomes convenient.

In this way we have the ability to help each other promote their business opportunity online.

To give an example of what we aim to accomplish, this information will be included on our team builders blog here:

It is advised that we all share our Facebook page with those we enroll. This will help us, as we use Facebook chat to also train and inform individual team members.

You can access my Facebook profile page here:

That’s all for now!

See you at the top!


Your Sponsor,

Alvin Johnson
SFI Bronze “Master Team Builder” EA

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