Must Read Information for Seriously Active SFI “Strong Team Builders!”

Posted on 05/02/2017

Look for new exciting team building support for all Bronze Team leaders who maintain for 3 months, and every following consecutive month thereafter in the next email letter. You will be amazed! ????

These images below represent our “Strong Team Builders” support system through our TripleClicks store:


This is only the beginning!

In the next coming months we will also have more “PSA’s-To Go” added to our Strong Team Builders arsenal as income allows. Can you see the “Big Picture?”

The more PSA’s funneled into our system, the faster our teams will grow along with our incomes!

Here is the Key Business Strategy; It all lies in getting seriously active with our business and preparing ourselves to reward our Duplicators however we decide to invest our earnings back into our business.

Our rewards grow as we grow our rewards by investing also in our seriously active Team Players. My next investment is adding “Gift Certificate” and “TCredit” just for those who prove they are serious about their business and have earned a “Designated Diamond” badge from SFI Admin.

Read all about what it takes to qualify:

How does the Designated Diamond program work?

Getting serious as individual Team Leaders will automatically place us on track for all of these requirements established within this Team Building System, designed to lead us to success, and lead us there fast with a very strong income.

Things are really getting excited now!

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See you there!


Alvin Johnson
SFI “Master Team Builder”


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Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter:
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