So, Now You have Become a Master Team Builder!


You like many others may not have the skills necessary to advertise, or may not be able to afford to pay for advertising. SFI has solved this problem by providing inexpensive internal marketing strategies this is also accomplished through many options at our TripleClicks store.

You can do this for just under $60.00 per month!

Just follow this Blueprint:

“Master Team Builder’s” Blueprint for SFI Success

Of course, there are many other options however, if it is your goal to move up the ranks much more rapidly, the investment is worth it for a few months. Once you have developed an active team, (3-5 serious PSA’s), this system will pay for itself.

This is not a suggestion for you to not enroll as many others as possible using methods outside SFI and TripleClicks. We need to utilize as many other marketing methods we find available. We can find these free by searching for  free classifieds, group mailing, and surfing sites. Ask me for other free options.

Once  You discover how to master this:

“Master Team Builder’s” Blueprint for SFI Success

The Gaming Strategy of a Winning SFI Master Team Builder Alvin Johnson Muskegon, MI, UNITED STATES 1,780 VP STANDING ORDER = $58.25 (125 TCredits plus S-Builder Co-op Unit) First it is important to know how and when to properly purchase … Continue reading

Move On to more strategies!

Use the Pricebenders Auction to begin building up your team!

PSA’s, CSA’s, PRM’s are a great place to start!

10 Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs)


10 Personally Referred Members (PRMs)


5 Personally Referred Members (PRMs)

20 CSAs

Don’t forget the S-Builder Co-op Unit!

S-Builder Co-op Unit

Seek out as many TripleClicks team building options as you are able to afford, however, do not use up your accumulated stock of TCredits and MRP’s too quickly. You will need these to help qualify for moving up the ranks!

Keep your eyes open for these: and be sure to take advantage of this 2X option as long as you see these available!




About Online Marketing Connection

Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter:
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