“Master Team Builder’s” Blueprint for SFI Success

The Gaming Strategy of a Winning SFI Master Team Builder


Alvin Johnson


1,780 VP STANDING ORDER = $58.25 (125 TCredits plus S-Builder Co-op Unit)


First it is important to know how and when to properly purchase TCredits one at a time until yo can afford to purchase more at once, and build up your team.

We will need these extra accumulated https://www.tripleclicks.com/MightyTCredits TCredits, MRP’s, and spins, for the Bid & Build game in the future to help us qualify, and move up in our ranking levels.


TCredits – 1
Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $0.00/$0.00
Sold by TripleClicks direct.

Suggestion: Use this strategy to accumulate MRP’s to purchase more TCredits with only. It will never cast a dime! Zilch! Notta!

Most of all it also helps build your team! (used in conjunction with the Auctions to Bid and Build for Spins)


10 spins earned. Go spin now
What’s this?

Meet the Monthly EA2 Qualification, and receive this email alert:

EA status confirmed
This message confirms that you have met the qualifications for the rank of Executive Affiliate (min. 1500 VersaPoints) for the month of November 2016. For an overview of all the benefits this entitles you to, see:


Also, if you haven’t done so recently, please make sure your SFI account information is up to date for commission payments, contacts with your upline/downline, etc. Submit any needed changes at:


One more thing…

As you know, one of the benefits of being an Executive Affiliate is receiving two new CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates) each month. To receive this month’s CSAs, just proceed to your Alerts Page (https://www.sfimg.com/Home?tab=alerts) and click on the appropriate link. Your two new CSAs will then be added to your genealogy, highlighted in green and displaying today’s date.

As their Co-Sponsor, you earn 15% CV commissions on their purchases each month, and you can also earn valuable matching VersaPoints once you’ve advanced to the rank of Team Leader.

We encourage you to contact your CSAs right away. Let them know you are their new Co-Sponsor and that you’re there to assist and support them. For a sample letter you can use (and lots of other details on CSAs), see:


You can also send quick messages to all your CSAs using the TeamTalk feature located on your Leadership Page. And/or use the CSA Mailer (https://www.sfimg.com/PowerTools/CSAmailer1) to send group e-mails to all your CSAs.

Thank you for being a valued SFI Affiliate!

Establish a Monthly Standing order

Thank you for your order!

This is the standard “Special Standing Order” popularly used by successful SFI business owners.

  1. ITEM(S) ORDERED:TCredits – 125 pack — Special Standing Order only, $36.25 (reg. price $52.50)
    Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $36.25
    Sold by TripleClicks direct.
  2. Once we are able to afford to, we invest our commission earnings back into our business, and any other way we find possible, even if we need to work a few part time jobs, or odd job here and there. Note: This extra effort will not be necessary as we gain more active EA2 Affiliates on our team.
  3. We then consider our next Team Building Investment;. S-Builder Co-op Unit
    Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $22.00/$22.00
    Sold by TripleClicks direct.
  4. After we can realize the affordability, the S- Builder Co-op Manager is Included in our Team Building strategy. GRAND TOTAL: $58.25 Price for both; This is our target!
  5. Investing our earnings back into our business is investing in our business and the development of our teams. If we fail to realize this business concept, we will forever struggle. On the flip side, the quicker we relieve ourselves of the struggle, more income will be realized much sooner in the future. This is the main reason why we loose. Choose to invest your earnings back into building your team and your business will expand naturally. The more dedication and effort we place on building our business, the more rapidly we realize growth in our teams.


Daily Grand!

Daily Grand


*2 entries for 27 VP generated yesterday
*2 entries for having a minimum 1,500 VP Standing order
*3 bonus entries
How to earn maximum entries

We only concentrate on how these games can benefit us by increasing our possibilities of building our teams.This also will increase our income!

Daily Crown

Good news–you were a winner in today’s TripleClicks DAILY CROWN Drawing!


Your prize, 50 MRP, has already been added to your TripleClicks member account and you may redeem immediately.

DON’T FORGET to make yourself eligible for the drawing today…and every day. To be automatically entered in the day’s drawing, simply play any Eager Zebra game (including any free entry game). It is most widely popularly accepted to play Card King.

See our complete index of Eager Zebra games at:


Good news! –your name was chosen in today’s 10 PM TripleClicks T-TIME Drawing!

You won: 2 Free TCredits

They have been added to your TripleClicks account and you may use/redeem them immediately.

For a complete list of today’s winners (and official rules), see:

T Time Hourly TCredits Drawing


Please note that you are limited to one T-TIME win per day. However, you may enter up to 24 times again tomorrow! It has been found if we play 5 minutes before the hour, and 5 minutes after the hour, we get 2 plays in 15 minutes. This way we save an hour where we will not have to play in case we are very busy.


We only bid on 2X Auctions!

It is suggested we build our teams, so we seek more PRM, PSA, and CSA Auctions as often as they are available according to our individual time schedules.

Tip: Only spend one TCredit each in games and auctions, until you have meet an amount well over the accumulation of TCredits and MRP’s needed for future monthly rank qualifications.

Note: there will be times when you may not want to bid in the Auctions, or play any games. You decide what you can spare, or afford on your own.


You will receive an email alert:
Good news! One of your upline members, Alvin Johnson (caresrepaljohnson@gmail.com), has issued a Gift Certificate (GC) for you! The amount of your GC is: $5.00, $10.00, $15.00, $20.00, up to $30.00 according to your performance and progress.

You may use this GC on any direct order from TripleClicks (choose from over 80,000 products). To redeem your GC, just go to http://www.tripleclicks.com and start shopping. The amount of your GC will automatically be deducted at check-out.

You will be alerted at your Affiliate Center of the deadline to use your Gift Certificate. I usually spend my on……. yes, you guessed it! “Team Building” or emergency TCredits toward…….” Team Building!”

Some of you have already read the letter sent out to you on October 27, 2016.

Here is a copy of this letter:

The Gaming Strategy of a Winning SFI Master Team Builder

While this subject was entered in the SFI Forum, it was also considered something to share with the whole team. This is the kind of information we need to be successful.

Be encouraged to visit the forum often. Participation will help you help others grow.

I play the games to support building up my team. It can be appreciated why some feel these games are a distraction when they first come on because if the business opportunity is taking up much of their time for training and learning how to actually do the business, most will spend less time on games.

Some jump right in with the games, while others ignore them until they find the time. It is up to the Affiliate to decide. After it was found enough was learned on the business portion, it was much easier for me to concentrate on playing games, even though my real ambition was gauged more toward finding a business strategy, and end solutions.

Once I set my business plan in place more time was spent exploring the games, and making a determination which were more rewarding. Like, “Card King” is one of my favorites, yet it is more beneficial for me to bid in the Auctions than spend up my TCredits on the games. I play Card King to earn more MRP credits to use in conjunction with bidding, (only when it is realized there are enough TCredits accumulated to qualify for that month) for purchasing more TCredits for bidding, and for gaining more MRP credits to use in purchasing more TCredits.

Bidding also gives us the opportunity to participate in the Bid and Build game, and earn more PSA’s for team building.

Guess what? We can control the amount of PSA’s we earn each month in the Bid & Build game.

We can also accumulate our spins in the Bid & Build game! Save your spins to meet your “Goal” (tab) at the “Affiliate Center” for PSA qualifications that month, and the months ahead.

I set my PSA Goals at our Affiliate Center, according to how many I want delivered that month from the Bid & Build game.(usually 2 PSA’s) Everything else is extra PSA’s for me, or those I re-assign to others, or are distributed to others through the S-Builder Co-op Manager.

These games and auctions must be played strategically. Either we want more points and credits from games and auctions, or we want more PSA members added to our team to grow our business faster. You decide.

It is found, if we do not outperform the growth of our team (qualifying Versa Points necessary for the month, i.e. 3,000 VP) attempting to collect points and credits, that choice is always there to accumulate more TCredits and MRP’s for up and coming months ahead.

This is key!

We then begin building up valuable points and credits to be used in the future to aid in qualifying for rank advancement. It is considered to be wasting points credits just to compete with those outside of our team to maintain position on the Leadership Board for example, if our enrolls are struggling, and we have already met the 3,000 VP requirement for the month.

It is suggested we stay with the growth and progress of our own individual team members, and if we are required for example to earn a certain amount of points to maintain our rank, once we meet that goal, let the TCredits and MRP’s accumulate until our enrolls earn the level of qualification which allows us to advance to our next rank position. You will be very glad you did

Yes, this is very important!

We will need these extra accumulated TCredits, and MRP’s, and spins for the Bid & Build game, in the future to help us qualify, and move up in our ranking levels.

For example; if we have 75 TCredits and 2000 MRP’s already accumulated, and we have met the necessary requirements of 3,000 VPoints as a Bronze Team Leader, however we need one of our enrolls to achieve the Bronze Team Leader rank, for us to qualify as a Silver Team Leader, all is left for us to do is compete with those outside our immediate teams, or accumulate more TCredits and MRP’s.

This means we will have to spend our MRP’s and TCredits on competitive options with those outside our immediate team, which is not beneficial to our own individual team building strategy. Think about this,just for a moment. Why waste our valuable points and credits?

Along with a 125 TCredit Standing Order, accumulating TCredits and MRP’s is much easier. We will meet our qualification for advancement every month as our individual teams advance. Most importantly, we are prepared in advance for months ahead!

This is the key to business success!

  1. S-Builder Co-op Unit #38631 $22.00
  2. TCredits – 125 pack — Special Standing Order only, $36.25 (reg. price $52.50) #212474 $36.25 Order Total: $58.25

I went out and did odd jobs, and worked a few part time jobs once I figured this was all it would cost me to be successful with this business, until I could afford the 125 TCredits purchase, and with the help of my Commissions Earnings, I was then able to afford both team building purchases through TripleClicks, and even much more!

I actually only had to work part time, and do odd jobs for 3 months to accomplish my goal.

Now my commission earnings can be either spent on business and team building, or, make purchases for other things I want or need, or I can allow my earnings, TCredits, and MRP’s to accumulate, and spend more time growing my teams, and selling products.

It is also a great opportunity to begin seeking  eCommerce Associates, (ECA’s).

This is the “Big Picture!”

With me behind your own efforts, supplying you with support in the growth of your immediate team, you will begin to earn more income, and this is where we all want to be.

This is the “Sweetness” of this business opportunity!

Do not be distracted by points needed on the Leadership Board, and other contests outside your immediate team efforts. When doing this business strategically we don’t compete outside our Team, and rarely among our team. We work together. Wasting valuable points and credits is non-productive.

Do not worry over what does not directly apply to our individual team building experience, and be distracted attempting to compete with others outside our team.

We must learn to set our pace accordingly with our ability to advance individual “team growth”. Never outperform the growth of your immediate team. Pace yourself, and become more active with prospecting for new enrolls. Seeking new enrolls will also keep us focused on what counts, and that is “Strong Team Building” and “Building Stronger Teams” only.

This is where we must think strategically.

Do we want to use up our valuable earned MRP’s, or purchased TCredits just to gain more Versa Points to compete with those outside our team, or have we the discipline to wait, and allow them to accumulate so we can afford to move forward up the ranks, by qualifying every month?

Once we meet our necessary qualifications for the month, forget the games and the auctions both sometimes, if it is going to place you in jeopardy of wasting points and credits you will need the following month. Get it?

The Versa Points and TCredits will come as we use our MRP credits strategically building up our  business and teams, we then have a re-cycling machine built within our Team Building Strategy through TripleClicks that not only keeps us qualified every month, it helps build up our team, while we also earn more income.

If we wait for those we enroll to begin qualifying, and allow our TCredits, and MRP’s to accumulate, when our enrolls qualify we have those stored Versa Points coming to us on auto-pilot.

These Versa Points are earned as we use our TCredits and MRP Credits. 102 Versa points are gained each time we make a $1.99 TCredit purchase with our MRP Credits, at 126 MRP’s per purchase. We do not spend more MRP’s and buy TCredits with our MRP’s than is necessary for that month, once we meet that months VPoint requirement. We allow them to accumulate!

These will be needed in the future months to help advance us to the next ranking position; from Bronze Team Leader to Silver Team Leader when the time comes, and so on, all the way to a Diamond Team Leader!

It is suggested to not waste these valuable credits away playing games, or bidding in the auctions, because these will come in handy very conveniently, to aid in assisting us with our next move up the next month!

That is my strategy, that is what works for me. It will be interesting to have others share their strategy with me.

This is the best discipline for “Strong Seam Building” options I know.

Not yet getting what you want from this message?

Join me now:


Never forget it is a business, not a game.

Read more on this SFI Forum Thread below.

Suggestion Box
Suggestions for new games

Let us know what you think in the comments!

See you at the top!



Alvin Johnson

Executive Marketing Affiliate
SFI Bronze Master Team Builder (EA2)







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