Five powerful ways to get your affiliates to become EA2s



Five powerful ways to get your affiliates to become EA2s



The Designated Diamonds (DD) program is directly aligned with THE PLAN (–and facilitates your advancement all the way to Diamond Team Leader…but it’s first big benefit is that it can greatly help you generate and maintain EA2s.

Start the ball rolling by issuing DD invitations to your best PSAs. Each one accepting your invitation will be committed to being a minimum of EA every month! What’s even more exciting is that they will be on the path to BTL, then STL, then GTL, PTL, and DTL. And as they advance up the ranks, they’ll be helping YOU become a DTL.


For every 10 personal VP your affiliates earn, they bank up to 18 bonus shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool–paid to them upon reaching each of the five Team Leader ranks. This major bonus incentivizes all of your affiliates to earn the maximum amount of VersaPoints each month while striving for the highest possible rank. This, of course, means more EA2s to help you meet your Team Leader qualifications each month!


If you’re serious about being a Team Leader, this is one of THE most powerful tools you have at your disposal…and it’s so easy to use, too! Yes, if you’re looking for ways to have large numbers of EA2s every month, this is the tool! We’ve even laid out the exact strategies for you to use here:

Note that SFI notifies all of your recipients when you reassign a CSA to them so they’ll know who the wonderful person is helping them build their team. AND, we let them know during the last week of any month where they’ve not yet met the requirements for the rank of EA–informing them of the impending forfeiture of all of their CSAs if they don’t act quickly to re-qualify.


The Signing Bonus (SB) program is yet another great tool for helping you get your PSAs active and to EA2 status.

Tip: You can specifically target your affiliates who have received a SB via a new “Signing Bonus” filter in your Genealogy. You can select those who have received a SB and/or who have a specific remaining SB balance so that you can send out just the right group message to inform, provide guidance, etc.


Having contests for your PSAs each month is another good way to ensure EA2s. Check out these Ask SC threads for a variety of ideas and insights on creating and running successful contests:

One more thing…


We crank out a LOT of information throughout the year, so it’s understandable that you may occasionally miss some “nuggets” that could be very valuable in generating EA2s on a regular basis. Review this index of Ask SC LEADERSHIP threads and get powered up with some new ideas.

You’ll likely find even more gold in the TEAM BUILDING index and the DUPLICATION index.

And, last but definitely not least, be sure you’re always being an Awesome Sponsor as spelled out HERE.

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