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You share great points here, however it is certain the first three months should be largely centered on the VP Ledger, along with the Launchpad instructions. There is much information here to help with training objectives. After a 3 month learning opportunity, it is then best to introduce ECA marketing skills;

1) Prospective ECA Merchants
2) In-house – Advertising TripleClicks ECA Merchants

Not everyone are privileged with the knowledge or experience to jump in so soon.

We must make these allowances while preparing out Team Affiliates on an individual level. As I mentioned all information regarding a focus on sales is great, however overwhelming our new Affiliates can also drive them away.

Patiently work this information in the training process by pointing forward to what direction we want our teams to follow in spurts, or increments is the best way. Our zeal for success should not out master common sense.

Of course we want to earn income as fast as possible, we should also focus on positioning our team members as to the opportunity of affordability.

How can I position my team members so they will be able? This should be the key question for sponsors.

We can drive at them forever our desire for them to increase sales, however if we are not sharing with them the methods we are using with clarity our wheels are just spinning.

We want them to prospect for ECA’s, let us show them a few examples where they are located and give them actual prospects.

Example: Handmade

We want them to increase sales, let us show them where to locate these platforms that are known to be effective. We want them to build up their team, let us show them what we are doing to help them build up their teams.

Yes, when I came on board everyone was communicating in acronyms. Let’s eliminate as many acronyms as possible and use specific directives which target specific goals.

By just making statements concerning what we want from our Affiliates is not good enough. Are we properly preparing them with support to help them communicate with prospective clients with clarity?

We know well how to state what we want, and fail when it comes to effective timely communication skills. Sometimes we have to hold back our own progress in order to catch up our team, and remain in pace with their performance not our own in certain situations.

If we are in communication with our team members we realize what they are prepared to accomplish, and know what areas we should be concentrated on before we can position them for success.

This is just my opinion from my own experiences. No one has to tell me when and where to invest my time and efforts, it is my own passion and drive which help me make determinations.

I believe strongly once we position our team members toward success, they will also realize which efforts to choose best.

We must give them time.

We must also practice patience, or run them away.

Great thread!



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