Communicate Efectively with our ECA Affiliates Before we shout out “Scam!”

Spuncksides Promotion Production


Sometimes going directly to our ECA contacts instead of SFI Admin Support is the most effective manner to handle issues we do not quite understand. Below is a perfect example of how effective communication can resolve a mountain of questions, and issue possibilities that can occur when doing business online.

Hello Alvin,

First of all I have no idea who Prosperman is.  We do not work with them.
There is also no affiliation between SFIbuddy, Prosperman, SFI/Carson
Services, S-Builder co-op or TripleClicks.  SFIbuddy is owned and operated
by me, Jim Wingo. I also own Gemini Radio Group.  I have been an SFI
affiliate for almost 20 years.  I have also created several other SFI
marketing tools.

Our records indicate that you are currently a paid up member of Radio SFI
having paid on May 7th.  You were not paid from January 2 until your
payment on May 7th. If you…

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