The Story Behind the Online Marketing Connection

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From a dream to reality, Online Marketing Connection continues to attract more businesses via search engine advertising. Just over 18 years ago the growing phrase term has gained in popularity as the search results will reveal, competitive results appear constantly among about 38,000,000, the highest result on Google listings.

The author, creator, and founder of Spuncksides Promotion Production, Alvin Johnson sat at his desk pondering solutions to finding relevant material regarding marketing online, not knowing much about the marketing industry.

At that time he was just involved in research for his own company seeking funding options for supporting a vision for youth involvement, education and employment opportunity programs, and special event marketing.

Several “Business Opps” floated before him online, as his continued researching efforts increased, causing an attraction to Internet Marketing. Remembering some of the early companies he discovered online, Mr. Johnson states, “I was not just concerned for my own situation, what I did was looked at the situation for any and everyone like me.”

He thought that there should be a location online where like minded individuals and companies could share and place advertising links freely without spamming or worrying about conflicting ads. Not knowing much about online marketing he tried at first by using MSN groups. He also noted never again will he attempt this activity as his e-mail account began flooding beyond control, and remembers having to take short naps between hours
of deletion sessions for three weeks straight.

After this lengthy lesson and a few others associated with this Mr. Johnson left the MSN group and allowed this account to terminate. Shortly after this, He discovered article and press release writing submissions. A light comes on. Mr. Johnson decided to write press releases as if there was actually in existence an “Online Marketing Connection“.

At that time there was only his company “Spuncksides” listed in about seven different categories with Google, three with MSN, and none with Yahoo search for several months. Another author noted as “Webspawner” appeared among the search listings headed by “Online Marketing Connection” in year 2001.

These listings seemed to remain at a number totaling seven until 2003 when Mr. Johnson really began an all out promotion campaign as if there really was such a marketing connection online, his goal; to attract like merchants to be included in the online marketing listings online among the major search engines.

While increasing the press release writing, many business owners began to realize this may be where they wanted to be also as these listings began to grow. Soon after this realization Mr. Johnson found that any press release with Spuncksides Promotion Production content would draw huge crowds. When asked how he knew this attraction was so popular he stated, “Every time I submitted a new press release I could not get to my own website!” “I was so excited, my teenagers in the youth group thought I was losing my mind!”

For several hours throughout a span of three days he stated he could not get to his own website. “Every time I tried to access my own website, a banner would appear stating “HEAVY TRAFFIC” in place of his website. Here is the catch; He never identified any product and service industry, or marketing niche.

Since then search listings for “Online Marketing Connection” has risen from seven to well over 38,000,000 search listings. The number has fallen notably since his online activity has been directed more to actual products and services through SFI and the TripleClicks store.

You may ask, why would anyone want to include their business links among so much competition? Simply put, to be part of that connection when this whole vision comes together. Oh yeah, This is just the beginning of a long thought out journey. Mr. Johnson was also seeking a company that meet all of his expectations. After joining several business opportunities which either folded, or went bankrupt for various reasons, he is convinced income can be made on the Internet.

Returning to SFI again Mr. Johnson states this is the last home business opportunity he will join. His confidence in SFI is supported by his own personal beliefs and experiences online with other similar business offers. Most business opportunities rely mainly on the purchases of the affiliates, which is considered a turn off to him.

He mentions these type as predators. They usually pitch learning aids that must be purchased to learn how to operate the business. Without them there is not likely a chance you will learn, or earn any income if you do not have the cash to make these necessary purchases. He also agrees with the fact that earning income is possible without spending out of pocket, and free to join is exactly what it is about.

The battle rages on daily basis as businesses compete for ranking status. “There is always competition here with myself included he adds.” “Sometimes my company rides among the top ten sometimes it drops, but that’s business.” It is like a marketing chess game.
The original purpose was just to provide a search portal for interested parties to exploit company products and resources, and this is exactly what is going on.

You are invited to join the ranks. If you want to get in early on this business promotion strategy, and actively promote resources and activity such as special events, trade show, expo, or anything related to online marketing, this is an opportunity that is rare
because it offers a freedom seldom found. There is no fee.

Keeping this opportunity open to all is also one of the many aspects associated with his concept.”We are not closing doors here, we are flinging them wide open for exposure.” “I want this to be huge!” I’m looking into the future and foresee a huge Internet marketing option that closed-mindedness will never begin to become a participant. “We are all in this together.” We are using Google listings to help build our SFI Marketing Teams

This team building leveraging concept is not in place anywhere among our SFI peers, or any other strategy in use on the internet, as he states; “Closed mindedness has many business and business persons trapped in competition, and none has mastered the sharing experience due to greed and pure selfishness.”

Mastering the sharing environment online is what it takes to outperform the competition in this 21st Century industry online. More and more business owners are finding what was considered taboo traditionally, is now a very well receptive form of online marketing strategy.

He concludes this time he expects the same results, only he has included a purpose and goals that will also identify his niche marketing industry with products, services, and an unique opportunity to increase team building activities right from Google.

Mr. Johnson has initiated what he calls an “Extreme Marketing Campaign” for his SFI “Strong Team Builders” which he also states; “Will also take over the Internet by storm!”

Want more information?
Alvin Johnson
Independent Marketing Executive
Online Marketing Connection
Muskegon, MI 49442    Phone:  484 302-6839




About Online Marketing Connection

Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter:
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