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Jesus Ventures Limited International

SFI Mail Message Message received on: 06/13/2016


The Concepts of Marketing


Hi Alvin,
Welcome to a new week. How was your sales margin last week, 
any improvement?
if there is none, we'll like you to do this:
CREATE A FOLDER for ALL our Newsletters.
since these newsletters teach on principles of generating sales,
it will be extremely useful for you to build your business. 
Put them under your important folders.
Then go back to each newsletter and evaluate what is being 
Sit down and jot down the steps written, locate the missing 
Make sure that when you are doing this, your family is fast 
and you won't be disturbed.
Then go through it all, step by step, don't rush and then you 
find the missing link.
Once, you have identified the missing link, 
TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY and kindly let us know of your outcome.
What if you are just a new member, what do you do?
First, you are warmly welcome to the store and we can assure 
you of the best business services you could ever dream of.
Then create the folder as well for future newsletters.
how can we help you with your sales?
you can get our best business book on sales, 
if you purchase the 30 Ways, we will give you an extra mini 
ebk that teaches you how to overcome challenges in business 
and your self image to build your business.
what is in it for you? is it worth the price? oh yes and 
much more.
The book will achieve the following for you:
1. it will teach you the 5 levels of leadership and how 
you can
build it to create sales for yourself.
2. it will boost your sales on the social media network as 
it is working for us. We just created a Facebook shop for 
the store. it will teach you what to do too.
3. it will also teach you how to utilize the internet and 
become a successful online Entrepreneur.
4. it will also teach you how to write a good and great 
sales letter without you sounding salesy.
our CEO shared part of it at the forum here:
This is just a tip of the iceberg.
You will access the whole format in the book.
5. It will teach you how to grow sales exponentially and lots 
more than we can ever show you, your best chance is 
to get a copy to access all these things and many more.
But, what if i cannot afford it? 
Then put it on your wish list till you can. This is your 
dream to get the book and we've prayed for
you ceaselessly that God will rain His blessings 
upon the work of your hands, so as to be able to afford it 
and even fulfill more of your dreams.
So, watch out for God's blessings this week.
What to do before then? You can get its counterpart, 
'Secrets in Making Maximum Profits in Business': 
it is just $15. it will blow you of your seat and you 
will love the business insight there.
Now, back to the topic of today: The Concepts of Marketing.
Every profession always has concepts by which they operate.
Marketing also has its own concepts. 
Terminologies define concepts and each terminology differs
from profession to profession and so, thus their concepts.
That said, a concept is a design by which an idea works. 
It is Not a concept until it has an operative system within 
it to work. Marketing has concepts by which it operates and 
works and that is why as a marketer, you need to know and 
understand these concepts and how they operate.
You may ask, 'Why should i understand these concepts?'
you need to, so that you can be the best and an expert 
in your field boosting your credibility and thus your sales.
Not only that it will help you plan your marketing 
strategies and business well.
You will be able to know how marketing works and be able to 
apply yourself to its demands and be successful.
We were able to discover 12 marketing concepts as against 
the5 that the industry discovered.
The remaining 7, you will Never discover it on the web.
we kept it for our clients and customers like you and 
packaged it in our marketing book: THE CONCEPTS OF MARKETING:
How did we discover the remaining 7? it is in the book 
and it is highly affordable: $8!
Knowing these concepts, will make you a great salesman. 
know how to become one here: 
it is highly affordable too: $5!
Here are Two of these concepts that you will NOT find 
on the web:
1. Communication Concept: Marketing is a communication 
business and it is important that you know and use the 
communication tools
which are:
a. Your Mind.
b. Your Face.
c. Your Body.
d. Your Voice.
So, how do you use them?
Your mind SHOWS you WHAT TO SAY while your face, 
body and voice shows you HOW TO SAY IT.
2. Sales: This is the essence of marketing, without which, 
marketing is vague. See, what we are saying?
kindly get the book today and have a pleasant week ahead.


This message has been sent to you on behalf of 
Jesus Ventures Limited International --a company you have 
connected with at

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