8 Great Ways To Use Your TCredits!

Get in contact with me via Facebook, and I will share with you how we use our TCredits to remain on our “Movers List”, earn more income, qualify as EA2 every month, and increase our rank all the way to Diamond Team Leader!

Alvin Johnson

United States

Mighty TCredits

8 Great Ways To Use Your TCredits:


Eager Zebra GamesHave fun and win giant TCredit “Zackpots” playing our exclusive Eager Zebra™ games. Each game is just 1 TCredit to play! Check out our games here.


Eager Zebra GamesAt our Pricebenders™ Penny Auctions, you can use your TCredits to bid on hot, new, brand name products in electronics, kitchen gear, tools, home and garden, silver and gold bullion, gift cards, the latest movies, office products, and more. Just 1 TCredit per bid to win great products at prices FAR below retail–typically more than 90% off! Click here to learn more.


Eager Zebra GamesTurn the clutter around your house into cash by listing stuff you no longer need for sale at TripleClicks. Just 1 TCredit per listing! List items for as long as you like, with exposure to up to millions of members in over 160 countries. and receive up to 100% of the sale! Create your first listing here.


Redeem your TCredits on thousands of products at TripleClicks.

Just choose TCredits as your payment method when you check out.

SPECIAL MEMBER BONUS: For each TCredit you use, you’ll automatically earn 5 bonus MRP (Member Rewards Points)—which you can redeem on thousands of products at TripleClicks!

SFI AFFILIATE BONUS: You’ll also automatically earn 1 bonus VP for each TCredit you use! Limit of 1000 VP/month on Pricebenders bids, 500 VP/month on games, and 100 VP/month on member listings.

SFI logo

And if you’re an SFI affiliate, TCredits have even more value!…


Use as rewards for hardworking affiliates on your team (transfer TCredits via your Genealogy).


Use as contest prizes on your Leadership Page.


Offer free TCredits to attract new TC members and earn lifetime commissions on their purchases.

TCredits are also offered at a deal…as little as just $.29 each! Choose from among these different “TCredit Packs”:• A single credit is just $1.99.
• Buy a 10-Pack of TCredits (as low as 56 cents each).
• Buy a 20-Pack of TCredits (as low as 46 cents each).
• Buy a 50-Pack of TCredits (as low as 39 cents each).
• Buy a 200-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each).SFI AFFILIATES can also choose from among the following TCredit Packs:

• Buy a 100-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/1,200 VP; SO only).
• Buy a 125-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/1,500 VP; SO only).
• Buy a 240-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/2,000 VP).
• Buy a 300-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/2,500 VP).
• Buy a 360-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/3,000 VP).
• Buy a 420-Pack of TCredits (as low as 29 cents each; w/3,500 VP).

Note: Credits can be used at any time but do expire one year from purchase.

FREE TCredits:

We also distribute thousands of FREE TCredits every day. Every hour, we give away 60 free TCredits to 30 lucky winners in our T-TIME Drawing. Or to have one FREE TCredit instantly added to your account, send a postcard to the below address. Limit: One TCredit from postcard per customer per day. Please include your name and TripleClicks Member ID number or e-mail address.

Dept. Free TC
8251 Northwoods Dr, Ste 200
Lincoln NE 68505-3092 USA

SFI Affiliates may also win/earn free TCredits via E365, Daily Grand, DistribuSTAR daily drawing, Bonus TCredits program, transfers, etc.





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