What’s New At TripleClicks (June 2016 Issue)


Welcome to the June edition of “What’s New at TripleClicks” for SFI Affiliates.

As an SFI Affiliate, TripleClicks (TC) is YOUR store. This monthly newsletter will help you keep up to date on the latest TC developments, products, services, and programs.



6 SIMPLE ways to refer your own TC ECAs and earn lifetime royalties!

471 Winners share Time Machine 16,370 TCredits Zackpot!

Did you get your free TCredits this month?

8 ways to reduce (or eliminate) shipping costs at TripleClicks [re-post]



TC now features more than 91,224 products and services to buy and sell, with hundreds more being added weekly.

For new products, see:


For deals on more than 1,000 products marked down as much as 95%, see:


And don’t forget our big, money-saving Deal of the Day, featured each day on the homepage both at TC and the SFI Affiliate Center.


Refer TC members and earn 45% CV commissions sales you generate!

Learn more:




Through the TripleClicks ECA (E-Commerce Associates) program, we’re partnering with companies and businesses across the globe to create one of the Web’s premier shopping destinations.

TC is currently partnered with 3,189 ECAs from 138 different countries–representing tens of thousands of products of all kinds.

Check out today’s featured ECA (and other highly rated ECAs) on the ECA tab on SFI Affiliate Center homepage and pick up extra VP! Just click the button at the bottom of the page to visit the featured ECA’s TConnect page at TripleClicks.com:


Review this ECA list every day and connect with your favorite ECAs. You can also find ECAs in your country and region. Promote your favorite ECAs to customers and earn 45% CV commissions on all sales you generate, PLUS all the VP for the order!


Not seeing any ECAs in your country yet–or ECAs and/or products you like? Become an ECA referrer! By making simple ECA referrals, YOU can earn lifetime royalties every time any one of the our 5.6 million affiliates and TC members buy or sell the products of the ECAs you’ve referred.

Learn more:




Through TC’s LocalPay program, your purchases can now be made using multiple forms of your local currency. Also, some LocalPay ECAs offer direct payment (TCurrency) and product delivery.

For a listing of 53 ECAs offering LocalPay services, see:



TMerchants Wanted!

As an approved TCurrency Merchant, YOU could soon be earning profits for your growing business while providing a much needed service to customers worldwide!

Learn more:




TC’s “penny auctions” allow you to bid on and win hot new products–like Amazon Kindles, iPads, silver bullion coins, laptops, and many more–for a FRACTION of the retail price (typically more than 90% off).

Some highlights of winning auctions in the past month:

* JAWBONE Up Move Activity Tracker & 50 TCredits (reg. $69.49) auctioned off for $1.36!
* GoPro HERO (reg. $129.99) auctioned off for just $1.03!
* Keurig K250 2.0 Brewing System, Strawberry (reg. $129.99) auctioned off for $0.21!
* Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker (reg. $29.99) auctioned off for $0.60!

Additionally, SFI goodies like S-Builder Co-op Units and CSAs are auctioned daily–also at great prices.

View all current and upcoming auctions at:


Learn more about Pricebenders here:


PLUS…predict the final price of a Pricebenders auction and win a share of the PTP Daily Zackpot! Check it out:



Market Pricebenders…earn an extra $200 a month! Find out how:




Check out TripleClicks game division, Eager Zebra. Try your luck and test your skills in several different, fun games. Win prizes, TCredits, badges, MRP, and more! PLUS pick up VP for EVERY TCredit you spend on EZ games!

EZ Games include:

* Uber-Picks–Pick winning teams in your favorite pro sports.
* Card King–Predict whether the next card dealt be higher or lower than the last.
* Gold Streak–Build a streak of correctly-answered survey questions.
* Knockout Trivia–Outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions.
* Time Machine–Correctly predict the answer to a coming event.

See the Eager Zebra games index at:


To enter an EZ game, just click one of the “PLAY!” buttons.

PLUS…when you play any Eager Zebra game, you get a free entry in today’s Daily Crown drawing for a chance to win a share of over $1,700 in prizes! No purchase necessary.


Promote EZ games to your friends and family!

Learn more…just click the Eager Zebra tab at the following page:




TC’s Member Listing Program allows TC members to sell their unwanted and unneeded items alongside TC Direct and ECA products. As a TC member yourself, you can immediately use this program to start cleaning out your closets, attics, and garages, and turn your clutter into easy cash. You’ll also earn 1 VersaPoint (up to 100 VP/month) and 5 MRP for each listing. Learn more at:


But don’t stop there! Tell others about this program, and you can also earn ongoing commissions. Learn more at:




Want to discuss how to make TripleClicks Sales? Pick up tips on winning Pricebenders Auctions? Successfully refer new ECAs? Encourage your PSAs and CSAs to explore TripleClicks?

Just stop by the SFI Forum (https://www.sfimg.com/forum)! You’ll see several forum categories specific to TripleClicks issues and topics. You can ask a question or start a discussion by choosing the appropriate category, then clicking on the green “Start a Thread” button located in the top right corner.

Tip: Someone may have already started a thread, so check the NEWEST section first.

And don’t forget to share your success tips, experience, and wisdom with ALL your fellow affiliates at the Forum! Remember, 40% of all CV in commissions come from the TripleClicks Executive Pool–which EVERY affiliate contributes to. The stronger the Forum is, the higher your income can go. By sharing your insights and tips with the entire affiliate base, you can indirectly grow your own income!

If you’re not already posting at the Forum, what are you waiting for?! Take a moment right now and check it out!



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Ph 402-434-8480, Fax 402-434-8483

Questions? Do not reply directly to this e-mail. Instead, use our 24-hour Support Desk at: http://support.sfimg.com

– Not sure how to get started with SFI? Go to: http://www.sfimg.com/start


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