Business is a MARRIAGE! We also consider our team members a MARRIAGE!!!



SFI is not a waste of time, unless we waste time ourselves looking for reasons to quit.

This is your Upline, Sponsor/Co-Sponsor Alvin Johnson.

I have done the research. The only failure I see predominately is people lack communication skills and posses many identity issues when it comes to confidence in doing this business.

These are the same people who will go out of their way finding fault in place of solutions.

We must identify why we joined in the first place, identify our business concept, and also identify our focus and goals. Once we accurately identify these areas we are ready to meet success.

We meet success by learning how to effectively communicate with our team as individuals and groups, and dedication to them always. We dedicate ourselves to our business objectives in the same manner.

Business is a MARRIAGE!

We also consider our team members a MARRIAGE!!!

We are dedicated to our business in the same manner we are dedicated to our teams, as individuals, and as groups also.

We must identify the difference in these individuals and groups.

We use our e cards and group mailers to accomplish this.

It is my immediate goal to have everyone who is serious to be positioned and acquire the affordability of a monthly Standing Order through their commission earnings every month. This is my immediate focus.

This is how I did it, and the first year I invested all of my earnings back into my business by purchasing my Standing Order that would give to me the necessary 1,500 Sales VersaPoints (SVP).

I worked odd jobs and borrowed money from my friends and family to help support my business until I was earning enough to pay them back and go it on my own.

I was determined nothing was going to stop me from realizing success with this business.

It is not in SFI how successful we are.

We are in control!

You are a very good business person, if you never forget this fact!

Do not get discouraged. This is the wrong time for that.

What is happening right now is more and more people are becoming more active on my team. It is credited to communication, and what we are doing for our team members to keep them interested.

The real issues have been identified for our success.

If you are communicating with me this is enough evidence you are serious, and you will be always ahead with this business opportunity because of your frequent communication.

If your former Sponsor did not see any value in you. I requested you from this sponsor, along with many others from that sponsor that did not want the affiliates because they all were inactive, or logged in only once in a while, and missed 3 – 6 days before logging in.

This is a true story; I was down to just one active member before I requested you. The reason why I fell behind was because I failed to pace my decisions based on the progress of my individual team members.

I like my sponsor was seeking only those that get it!

I did not use my communication systems at all.

Suddenly a light comes on!

I asked myself this question; “Why am I seeking more Affiliates? “Why not try working with those I already have?”

Guess what? I started using the e card and group mailer systems, and begin growing my team. That is when I requested all of the inactive team embers my sponsor was willing to give.

This is how I got you!

I attempted to follow my sponsor by duplicating what that sponsor felt was the only way. The problem was, what this sponsor was doing my team members were not prepared to do.

Once I realized this, after loosing all but 1 active team player, I re-examined what was the cause. Attempting to explain to my sponsor I was never going to go forward faster than I was willing to prepare my team.

This sponsor told me I was wasting my time. I now find a few team members who are stating this same misunderstanding, and attempting to stimulate my quitting.

Let me tell you this.

You too are wasting your time suggesting that I quit!

Now that the real cause has been identified I pass this on to you.

Focus on what you know your team members are capable of duplicating!

Do not put more on them than they are capable of accomplishing. Since I have changed my focus and strategy, I requested another sponsor and left the sponsor who was destroying my team building efforts.

Now that I have a new sponsor who recognizes my team building capabilities, My work is not interrupted with ideas that do not work.

I now have 25 active members, you are one of them if you are active on my team!

Your are the evidence that success is all based on how effective we are in identifying true facts, and communicating these fact with our teams.

The more active members I keep, the more the possibility of me delivering active members to you.

This is the big picture!

I have been consistently waking up inactive members with my group
mailer and e card messages. These are very attractive messages which I give you permission to use.

Keep in touch with me often. I will share with you how to wake up inactive members, and keep new enrolls active.

It has been also proven those who keep in touch with me remain on the Movers List, re-qualify as EA2,and make rank much sooner than those who attempt to go it alone.

Once I have you positioned in this manner, you will never have to worry about affording a Standing Order every month.

Please read over this information carefully.

This is the heart of what “Strong Team Building” is all about:

Message goes out to all serious “Strong Team Builders!”

Get in touch with me immediately!

This is the basic letter form I will use for the most part of the rest of this year.

My goal is to have everyone who remains active every day, remain on the Movers list, and re-qualify as EA2 every month receiving new PSA members on their teams.

I will also be re-assigning PSA and CSA members. Some will be active, some will not.

Those messages you have been receiving may not seem important, or you may feel some are the same, however if you read them carefully you will find I add variations to these messages quite often also.

Do not throw these away!

These are very powerful messages which has been used to grow my own team. Believe me these messages will get attention if used properly and consistently. Edit these letters to your liking, or just forward them as is.

Be sure if used as is, the introduction clearly states the message is from your Sponsor (PSA), or Co-Sponsor if you are a CSA.

These messages can be used with both our e card, and group mailing systems.

It is all up to you now.

Get ready to begin effective communication with your own immediate team members now!

You are also guaranteed new enrolls just for gaining the status as Mover, re-qualifying as EA2 each month.

This is how we do it!

It is the 5th day of the month now, and we have exciting activity among our immediate team.

We have just one month to go when I start up on our “Non-Stoppable” engines. The S-Builder Co-Op will be added to my Standing Order. Here the names and ID numbers of our most active team members will be entered.

Those who are fortunate will be receiving NEW PSA MEMBERS on AUTO_PILOT!!!

That is not all. Every month I will be adding another “Team Building” option to help grow our teams. You will be notified each time we have added another “Unstoppable” team building option.

In the meantime:
1) Please check your Ledger:

2) The To-Do-List will also help you understand your own progress here:

Watch those 2 very closely each day together. That is the best way to learn this business.

3) You can also join our SFI Team Support Group on Facebook:

4) We also have a Team Support Fan Page
on Facebook:

5) Subscribe to our TEAM Support Blog
on WordPress:

Keep up with our Team Updates!

We find this method very convenient for training support purposes, while sharing how we advertise our SFI business, and support our team members advertising by sharing their ads on our social media sites and blogs.

Take your time. Do a little every day bit by bit, you will find success with this business.

This is also the best way to work your way to EA2 every month, stay on the movers list, and make rank all the way to “Diamond!”

Keep in touch!

6) You will find me on Facebook, just enter (aljpromo) in the search box on Facebook, and “Amb Alvin Johnson” will appear in the listings there, or you can go directly to my Facebook Profile:

You have selected the wrong time to quit if quitting is currently on your mind.

Because of that very reason you describe is why you have me behind you.

Here what you do. Forget about what SFI is doing. Forget everything your former Sponsor was doing. You are now with someone who cares about you and your success.

I have entered you into the S-Builder Co-op. You have been scheduled for 7 New PSA Members.

If you continue, you will be guaranteed 7 New PSA Members to your team every month, plus I will be re-assigning more PSA, and CSA members.

Being positive with our business is our best investment. We do not seek to discourage others, or become discouraged by the things we cannot change. We just actually find a better way, and think outside the box.

You are very fortunate. You are now with a sponsor who really cares and is dedicated to support you toward success.

Do not quit!

You are at the threshold of the most exciting portion of your journey.

Keep going!

“We are “Strong Team Builders”, “Building Stronger Teams!”

“Action = Points, Points = Credits, Credits = Cash!”

See you at the top!


Alvin Johnson
SFI Executive Marketing Manager
Bronze Master Team Builder (EA2)

Note: Please keep a copy of this letter on file for future reference and use.

Don’t forget to let your own immediate team in on our action!






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