3 Great Reasons to Change your Mind

Apparent threats against planes disrupted travel at airports in Los Angeles and Houston on Tuesday.

The market’s inertia is beginning to set milestones. What will break the fog of low-volume neutrality?

The number of listings continues to drop as demand outstrips supply and…
cnbc.com|By Diana Olick
SFI | Marketing Center
What has been discovered is a better investment we control ourselves. We decide how much to invest, we do not need analysts, or financial planers to hire and do the figures for us, because we are in full control of our own options.
Can you imagine paying others when you could be paying yourself?
Yes, now consider how many hours you have to put in for 30 years, and wait to enjoy your investment. Most of us will be aged to the point to it is a useless venture.
Can you imagine someone living much better than you with more ROI from your investment than you will accumulate in 30 years?
Can you imagine how discouraging it would be for you to realize all of your hard labor was going to some that squandered your earnings, who could care less about your illnesses?
Can you imagine how disappointed you would be to realize most of your investment will be used to cover your nursing or hospital bill?
This is not a get rich scheme, however you will be still a very young person when you decide to retire.
I have discovered a solution to all 3 situations!
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