Key SFI Websites Hot Spots and Destinations

Hot Spots:
Following are key SFI Websites and destinations you need to be familiar with. As time allows, you’ll want to visit each one. Also note that the main navigation bar at the top of the Affiliate Center also provides one-click access to many of these SFI “Hot Spots.”

SFI’s international superstore, TripleClicks, features 90000 products and services, with hundreds more being added weekly to buy and sell, including collectables, closeouts, hard-to-find items, daily “deal of the day” bargains, and much more. It’s YOUR store, so promote and shop TripleClicks regularly! Refer your prospective members to Learn more about referring members and generating TripleClicks sales HERE.
This vital SFI site is updated nearly every day. It features the latest SFI news, announcements, and special alerts you need to stay on top of. Tip: To automatically and instantly receive each new entry as it is posted, subscribe via the RSS feed.
The Alerts tab on your Affiliate Center home page provides you with a concise rundown of important alerts pertaining to your SFI business, including: account information, impending deadlines, latest news, and new SFI Forum posts.
To-Do List
To build a successful SFI business, just follow the actions outlined on this list. Every action earns you VersaPoints, and the more points you earn, the higher your SFI commissions can go!
My Movers
Access this tab to view information (power rankings, last login, VP for the month, and more) on your most active affiliates, as well as follow up and provide support to your team members.
Join in-depth discussions of SFI products, programs, and more with your fellow SFI affiliates. Brainstorm and share tips and ideas. Start new threads. Get your questions answered 24/7. And more!
Income Index
This is the central page for everything regarding making money with SFI. Here, you’ll find links to an “at-a-glance” compensation/benefits chart, detailed information with earnings examples, and even a calculator to estimate earnings. Information for the various ways you can receive your commissions is also included.
Support Desk
Start typing a question into the field on this page and see answers in real time, OR submit a ticket for prompt, courteous assistance. You can also peruse our extensive list of FAQs, or access several other listed resources for help.
S-Builder Co-Op
S-Builder is our international, multi-channel advertising co-op available to all SFI affiliates. S-Builder gives you the ability to accelerate your path to success by purchasing shares in S-Builder.
VersaPoints Ledger
This is your VersaPoints Personal Ledger. The more VersaPoints you score, the bigger the payouts, the better the perks, and the higher your Power Ranking in SFI goes. Your VersaPoints Personal Ledger tracks in real time how, where, and when you score all of your points.
The Tips section of our Support Desk features a variety of business-building tips, ideas, and more to help you maximize your income in SFI. New tips are added regularly, so check back often!
a2a is SFI’s “Affiliate To Affiliate” social networking program. Search, browse, and exchange messages with any SFI affiliate. Create “buddy lists,” brainstorm, share tips, organize local get-togethers, and more.
Your one-stop spot for tracking your own progress and other important SFI statistics as a whole.
Leadership Page Manager
Instruct, motivate, and inspire your team via your SFI Leadership Page. Share tips, ideas, and strategies. Promote your team contests. Discuss marketing news. Talk about everything and anything that makes your team stronger and helps build successful SFI businesses.
Leadership Challenge
Open to all SFI affiliates interested in developing a strong, active group of personally sponsored affiliates. It’s for affiliates who understand that duplication = compensation. The Leadership Challenge contest offers great prizes including a cool badge, mighty TCredits, exclusive SFI and TripleClicks gear, and over $1,000 in bonus drawing prizes!
Global Growth Report
A detailed, up-to-the-minute report including names, geographic data, and other information about SFI and TripleClicks enrollments for today, yesterday, and month-to-date.
Benefits Chart
A concise, easy-to-read master chart of the specific benefits of each level of SFI—payouts, perks, and Power Tools access.
An SFI contest based on VersaPoints that every new SFI affiliate automatically enters for free. Contestants can win a share of OVER $100,000 in cash and prizes, while learning how to create a successful SFI business.
Power Tools
SFI provides its affiliates with literally hundreds of business-building tools and resources, but this index lists the true SFI “power tools” you MUST employ to build a thriving, profitable business. Learn about how to use each one, then put as many of them into action as you can…as soon as you can!
One of your most powerful resources in SFI. Use your Genealogy to manage your growing organization, send individual and group messages to your entire organization (or any segment), monitor sales activity, award gift certificates, reassign affiliates, and more.
ECA Report
A listing of all current ECAs (E-Commerce Associates), sort-able by approval date and country.

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