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Keeping Our Re-assigned SFI Affiliates Informed

What we do is just keep them plugged in with the business by sending out an “I Can Help” e card to them. We are allowed to send out 200 per day. Set a default e card message for them. You can select a message from any of the getting started messages I sent out to you or create your own message, and save that as a “Default” e card. This way you do not have to keep typing out another one for your inactive ones.

Save that default message to your email file in case you accidentally delete it.

We then use the Genealogy Group Mailer and send out messages by section. Select; Inactive for whatever amount of days you wish.

Save this group mail message you plan to send out also in a safe place in case you want to use it again. I file these with my “SFI Team” communication under a label in my personal email account.

We also select a message for those who are about to be canceled, and send out to them.

Working with your immediate team in the background sending all of your inactive team members a message, and your Co-Sponsor will be doing the same.

Here you see we are not alone. We do not know when our messages will attract their attention, however if we do not give up we have the chance of getting them active again with 2 or 3 Sponsors consistently sending them messages.

We also have SFI working for us in the background!

Look at it like this; At least they are already on our team, we no longer have to promote ads to get them. I have seen a huge difference in doing it this way. You will also if you just hang in and keep doing what you know to do, and keep doing it well.

You will begin to experience blank faces no longer on their profile. Once you see this whether they contact you or not, you will know they have received your messages because before they had no photo. Wait for this to happen, and when it does immediately send that person a special message different from what you had been sending others, to better support and encourage them.

Do this until they request you not to send them so many messages!

This is also another indication they are receiving your messages if you begin receiving these responses from them. Respond to these Affiliates by suggesting they opt out if they no longer want to receive messages from you. Keep on sending them until they opt out, or until they let SFI Admin Support know by opting out of SFI completely.

I have sent out to everyone how to correctly set up email files for communicating effectively with our team members. If you would like for me to re-send this letter, please request it be sent again.

Some of those I re-assign have Versa Points which indicate they were once active. Pay close attention to those. These may not have had an active Sponsor. They can recognize you are a knowledgeable Sponsor ready to support them by your letter form and the way you present this business, and how you consistently repeat this communication process.

Many just want assurance toward the possibility of success!

Practice this activity until you form a consistent pattern of sharing your team information regarding your vision and team goals. Let them know our focus is on “Building Stronger Teams” at this stage. Keep them plugged in with the progress of the team, and those changes from SFI.

Make it possible for them to have access to your Facebook profile page, Facebook Team Support Fan Page, Facebook Team Support Group Site, and your blog. This will also help show them you are well prepared to support them, and they will recognize SFI as a serious business, and begin to duplicate what you are already doing.

I gained 140 Facebook followers in one week just by consistently sending out e cards and group mail messages, allowing access to my social media sites, and my WordPress blog. There are also over 2,000 blog followers. We never know when these will decide to join us. You will be surprised how many of them are following you to see if you are gaining progress, or if you are seriously working this business. Some will take longer than others.

We must remain patient, and do what we know to do well.

I will be soon adding many more PSA Affiliates and working with these before I re-assign them to you. Once my immediate team is functioning and remaining active, it is my plan to begin delivering more active members to you. This is what building stronger teams is all about.

If our immediate active team members are not serious, it will take us all longer to receive re-assigned members who are very active. Can you see how this works? My goal is to have 5 – 7 very active team members on my team. I now have 10. The first 5 – 7 who become income producers for themselves will begin receiving those extra 3 active team members from me.

We have well over 2,000 team members!

I consistently send out e cards and group mail to these whether they respond or not until they do.

Once I get all 10 of my immediate active team members supplied with 5 – 7 producers, I will begin re-assigning more of my very active team members to them. This is what “Strong Team Building” is all about. This is what I expect to position you to duplicate.

This by no means is enabling anyone to not continue with their own individual prospecting activities.

This is how we do it!

I’m not in this business only for myself. I realize what it takes. If I do not prepare my immediate team for what I expect in the future, my members will not be successful.

I want you to become just as successful as I do, and I will not move faster than any of you are ready for this reason. It is important we all practice doing it this way.

It is my goal to help all of my very seriously active team members with support until all who work toward this goal become very active Master Team Builders.

“We are “Strong Team Builders”, “Building Stronger Teams!”

“Action = Points, Points = Credits, Credits = Cash!”

Thanks again for remaining an active Team Player!


Alvin Johnson
SFI Executive Marketing Manager
Bronze Master Team Builder (EA2)




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