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This is your Sponsor, Alvin Johnson catching you up on our team support activities.

Follow this information closely. Take your time and read it through first. Explore the links provided here. After you do this, take your time and go step by step completing all of the actions listed here.

Make a promise to yourself you will not quit. Show up online every day to complete the daily actions at our Affiliate Center on the “To-Do-List.

You are now about to enter the most important part of our journey!

We also have an active “Strong Team Building” contest running.

1) Go there right away and enter your participation as you are qualified; (you must be on the “Movers List” and an Executive Affiliate to qualify for this contest) You must enter to WIN!!!:

I will make sure you qualify!

2) Request my Facebook friendship:

3) Follow and subscribe to our Team Support WordPress Blog:

4) Review all Team Support websites where I list not only my immediate support sites, but will also list those you develop:

5) Duplicate this process, and position your place for extra advertising support for building stronger teams. (I will personally help you promote your SFI business, and TripleClicks products and services!)

6) These actions are designed to build up team advertising leverage, and team building support online.

7) We must be well connected online, and remain actively plugged in to our immediate teams as well.
We have proven that it is fact, anyone who joins up with me will find themselves positioned for success within the first month of joining SFI.

Keep in touch, keep doing what you have learned to do well, and look forward toward a very successful year 2016 with SFI.

Thank you for remaining an active “Team Player!”

Now that we have the big picture, let’s get going and make it happen!
You have joined up with one of the most creative leaders affiliated with SFI.

Leadership is something we learn, however there are a few of us who are naturally gifted as leaders.

Relating success with this SFI business depends on you.

You are the success!

We both are success.

What I’m saying to you is we decide for ourselves we are going to win.

Just like your success depends on you, my own success depends on me, yet we will both depend on each other in certain ways.

We decide not only for ourselves, we decide for our teams, and just as you decided to get back on the team, I have hundreds of PSAs like you who may end up assigned with you on your team.

My point is to focus only on building your team, and what is necessary to increase our potential for team building, and I do mean strong team building.

I will help you build your team.

This is the key driving force behind our “Strong Team Building” strategy:

This post represents an actual letter sent out from me to one of our new PSA team members. These letters help communicate well in advance what each can expect from me to support their individual growth and training.

I will also position you toward helping your own team members build their teams.

All is required from you is to remain very active every day working the business, and when I see you consistently re-qualifying as an EA every month, remaining on the Movers List every month, and maintain a minimum of 1,500 Versa Points every month I will begin providing you with PSA members to prepare you to communicate effectively with them.

This practice is very important as to strengthening team performance.

My concept is simple. Supply you with actual SFI Affiliates to assist in your development as a Team Leader and you too will master building stronger teams.
You will succeed with this business!

Go right now to your “VP Ledger” and follow your daily performance, to see how your daily actions accumulate the daily, weekly, and monthly points that you will need to qualify your rank and earnings here:

These “Versa Points” (VP) are all in your control!

Master this and take control of your business.

Now, get ready to open your SFI business!

Below is the heart of learning and getting paid:

1) Log in and do the “Daily Tasks”

2) Get “Started” learning how we earn:

3) Complete “SFI Basics”:

4) Complete “Launchpad”:

Please take your time here, and log in every day, you are guaranteed to learn this.

If you miss days from your business, you fall behind.

This is just how business is, and how serious we are about the business will determine how well we perform, and how soon we arrive at successful levels in our business.

As you can see I decided to stick with SFI, and promised myself I’m not going to give up, or quit!

Our biggest problem is those who quit too soon!

No matter what a sponsor does, if that individual person does not have the self-determination, discipline, and drive, that person will not succeed with this business.

We make that promise to ourselves when we join.

Promise ourselves we will not become a quitter, or a looser of the many benefits of owning our own business, working from home, and we find many avenues to success.

As long as you stick it out, promise at least a year with SFI, I can help you get to the top!

Get back with me and I will share with you how we do it.



Alvin Johnson
SFI Bronze Master Team Builder (EA2)

Ready to join us?



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