Keeping our SFI Affiliates Informed

Our next 3 months will be the most important months, which will catapult our success with this company.

It will also be very important that you respond to all of my messages from here on, even if all you have to say is you received my message.

This will allow me to step you through the training properly.

Any time you have questions I’m here for you. I would also appreciate any suggestions you may have to share with me about this business.

We can connect via the Affiliate center chat which will indicate when I’m online, or best preferred, the Facebook chat.

If you do not have a Facebook account it is wise to get one very soon. Both Facebook and Gmail are very effective for communicating and training purposes.

We can connect here:

You are now on a journey with me toward our success!

I have already included you in our Team Building Co-op through the TripleClicks Pricebender:


S-Builder Co-op Unit

S-Builder works in conjunction with our Proprofit e Commerce Associate (ECA) at TripleClicks.

This information can be accessed below:

Proprofit – Global Marketing Services



I also use Radio SFI for training and enrollment proactively.
This information can be accessed here:
Radio SFI:  Find out what we are all about on SFI Radio!

My Standing order is actually my safety net which I use mostly toward the end of the month to be sure I qualify for advancement.

This information can be accessed here:
Standing Order Manager
View/edit/create your Standing Order:


TCredits – 125 pack — Special Standing Order only, $36.25 (reg. price $52.50)
This is the heart of my Team Building System, and along the way more options will be added to insure I have a steady flow of New Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSAs) to help you begin building and training preparation for your individual team building activities.

I do not ask you to duplicate this process. This is what I do for you. My #1 interest is to keep you qualified. To do this it is very important that I also give you a team to work with along the way as you grow.

When your own time arrives, you will be well prepared to duplicate this system in the upcoming months. My goal is to prepare you as “Designated Diamond” by that time you will be well aware of what it takes to reach your “Diamond” status.

Please do not get overwhelmed by the information shared with you here.

Create a file in your email and store it for future referencing.

You are now in #1 position on our “Movers List” which has been dominated by one of my best performing Affiliates.

This is very exciting!

Your first 3 months are the most important months with this business. Put all you got into your business these 3 months, and you will succeed the coming months ahead.
As for Fast Track, keep doing what you are already doing, if you can, and only if you are able, at least get your “Standing Order” of 1,500 Versa points in place.

Another great option for starters is this:



This option is very inexpensive and valuable if you are considering going “Fast Track” and can’t afford the Standing Order I use myself.

From what I see you are already on your way!

That’s all I have for you at this time.

Thank you for remaining an active member with our SFI Company!


Alvin Johnson
SFI Bronze Master Team Builder

About Online Marketing Connection

Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter:
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