Notice to SFI TripleClicks Master Team Builders


Email Notice:


Dear Ad2Prosper Friends,

Kindly be informed we have temporarily suspended the delivery of PSAs as we are reorganizing all our advertising campaigns.

We’ll start the deliveries again at the very beginning of April.

Thank you for your patience.



Due to the nature of this suspended delivery of PSA team members, be advised our “Strong Team Building” strategy is also placed on suspension.

We will wait until after adjustments and reorganization is completed in April. It is determined from this information provided by our former Team Building provider, (Proprofit) May will be the determination date for continued services from this E-Commerce Associate (ECA).

If the pricing is not the same as the associated “12 Month Plan” pricing indicated at the origin of this offer of services from Proprofit, namely, ($50.00 + 50 Personally Sponsored Affiliates) which was deleted as noted by the missing original ad posted to previously shared information on our “Team Support” blog here.

This change was noted only after my checking of my “Standing Order”, it was not announced prior to the change.

Read the letter:

SFI Support Staff,

Thank you for restoring my Standing Order to its original status.
Last Processing Status: Standing Order Processed on 2015-09-04 07:40:03

Item Price Quantity Total
S-Builder Co-op Unit #38631 $22.00 1 $22.00
Radio SFI #109580 $12.95 1 $12.95
TCredits – 125 pack — Special Standing Order only, $36.25 (reg. price $52.50) #212474 $36.25 1 $36.25
!! 50 PSAs GUARANTEED Special + Prosperman VIDEO Follow-up System #408585 $50.00 1 $50.00
Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00
Order Total: $121.20



Thank you! Standing Order Restored by SFI Support Staff


As can be realized, the removal of the original service provided through ProProfit, by the missing photo images on our team support blog here:

Best Business Advertising Method to Grow the SFI Business Opportunity

This is the considered adjustment:

SFI Co-op Manager & The Magic Of Co-oping

Here is the “Strong Team Building” strategy at the time before Proprofit made the price increase on the $50.00 + 50 PSAs:

We are Global “Strong Team Builders”, Building Stronger Teams!

This has also caused our S-Builder Co-op to be affected, and suspension of its use has been decided if this TripleClicks service is a requirement for building stronger teams, and if the ProProfit system is set up properly as advised by the ProProfit ECA, both work in conjunction to provided a continued supply regularly to our active “Movers” who consistently re-qualify as Executive Affiliate (EA) every month from month to month.

Missing photos do not help promotional efforts to say the least, however it could be May or even June before a final decision to select this offer and regain the support of our strong team building efforts.

Promotion Example:

Today’s Featured ECA Proprofit – Global Marketing Services

Watch for reorganization adjustment: Proprofit


How this will affect the “Strong Team Builders” contest?

Those who have consistently remained active on the Movers List, and re-qualified each month as Executive Affiliate have nothing to be concerned. These will be backdated to the Month of February 2016.

This means you have already qualified for 7 PSA members each of these months since February 2016, figurative, 28 PSAs due you in June, 2016!

If you have already qualified for 7 PSA members each of these months since September 2015, figurative, 56 PSAs due you in June, 2016!





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