How to do your Daily Tasks in SFI For “Movers” and SFI “Strong Team Builders!”

How to do your Daily Tasks in SFI For “Movers” and SFI “Strong Team Builders!”

I’m not understand how to complete red tabs

I see that.

You been watching the videos haven’t you?

I have sent to you everything you need.

It is up to you to ask me.

I will help you get going.

We can start now!

What is it you want to know?

I can tell you, you must log in to the Affiliate Center first.

You will work from left to right.

1) Click on the first tab, “Alert”

2) scroll down and read everything you don’t already know.

When you get don with your reading, you will see a blue bar at the bottom.

3) Follow the instructions on the blue bar.

4) You will follow this sequence with each tab all the way across the “Daily Tasks menu every day. This is how we earn income and get points.

5) Be sure you do not skip any.

Do every day, and you will become very good at it, the more you learn the faster you will get it done.

Average time to spend on this is 10 t0 30 minutes a day. smile emoticon
Get this done every day, get it out of the way each day. Pick a time when you will not be interrupted.

What you want to do?

Follow this you will get it!

I’m mad!
You must take the time to do this. It is not difficult. I have many who just watch the videos and never ask how to do it. This is how I know you are not following my instructions.

You want me to do it for you. This is not what a true Sponsor does. A true Sponsor is a Leader. His new Affiliates must follow him if the wish is to become Leaders in this business.


More Video Training Support

Learn it!
Anger will just make it take longer for your to learn! smile emoticon

I think that site supported with computer
It is not allowed to android mobile

Team Inspiration and Motivation
1) Mute the Video you want to watch 2) Select music video preference 3) Watch Relax and Dream BIG!!! 4) Listen to 2 or 3 at once for best benefit, and take a ride on the train! 5) It also works for…

Take a break!
You are angry!
Take a breake and relax!

No I try it continuously
Do you have headphones?

Taking a break is not giving up. It is used to give more strength and positive energy.

But how download this vedio
It is on You Tube.

Online video does not support not my mobile
Give me the download site
Put your headphones on and listen while you take a break and relax:

8 Hour Sleep Money Affirmations ★ HD Sound ★ Binaural Beats, Subliminal, Attract Wealth, Meditation
This Video is to help you meditate and attract money and wealth into your life whilst you sleep. Intended for use with or without headphones.

Listen to that.
Open another window, and watch this:

Now just sit back and relax for however long it takes for you to get rid of your anger.

Let me know when you are ready!


How to watch YouTube videos on your Android smartphone? (Oriya)

I need computer
What are you using?
You have Smartphone?

Ya have
But it support only 2G
Okay, I will see if I can get you more help. smile emoticon

Plss come my house
I have more information added at the bottom of this document. :

How to do your Daily Tasks in SFI

Scroll down to the bottom you will see it there.
Go to a library close to you, or a learning enter that has computers so you can make it easier to learn this.

This is the letter you are wanting to receive:

CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now officially a Designated Diamond!


Top Five Most Promising “Designated Diamonds!”



Milgen Dela Cruz 16669793 CSA, Affiliate
E365 Status: 988 ABOVE green line /R2 ending 02/15/16
1254 VersaPoints this month
Needed to advance rank to EA: 246 VP
Overall, Country and Class Power Rankings: 52298 | 2403 | Pending
Join Date: 02/03/16 | Last Login: 1 days ago

Rita William 16081500 PSA, Executive Affiliate (EA2)*
E365 Status: FINALIST through 07/10/16
571 VersaPoints this month
Needed to advance rank to EA: 929 VP
Overall, Country and Class Power Rankings: 1892 | 6 | 3
Join Date: 07/10/15 | Last Login: 5 hours ago

Momodou Krubally 16675896 PSA, Affiliate
E365 Status: 21 ABOVE green line /R2 ending 02/17/16
272 VersaPoints this month
Needed to advance rank to EA: 1,228 VP
Overall, Country and Class Power Rankings: 121671 | 19 | Pending
Join Date: 02/05/16 | Last Login: 5 days ago

Carlos Augusto Cotzajay Gomez 16600317 PSA, Executive Affiliate*
239 VersaPoints this month
Needed to advance rank to EA: 1,261 VP
Overall, Country and Class Power Rankings: 24155 | 5 | 25
Join Date: 01/06/16 | Last Login: 12 hours ago
51625719 (Home)

ABDUL HADI ARBI 16351563 CSA, Affiliate
E365 Status: FINALIST through 10/02/16
120 VersaPoints this month
Needed to advance rank to EA: 1,380 VP
Overall, Country and Class Power Rankings: 10645 | 77 | 17
Join Date: 10/02/15 | Last Login: 13 hours ago

= Eligible for Fast-Track | = Eligible for Fast-Track for 72 hours or less
= Fast-Track Member | = Fast-Track Member with min. 1500 VP Standing Order


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