Check out Some of SFI’s Newest Developments!

SFI Strong Team Building at TripleClicks Facebook Fan Page

SFI Strong Team Building at TripleClicks Facebook Group Site

It’s a fresh, new week! Check out some of SFI’s newest developments to help you reach new heights this week!



Effective immediately, ALL Team Leaders–including Bronze Team Leaders–have the ability to reassign their CSAs throughout their downline!

By strategically reassigning CSAs, all TLs can now provide the incentive for downline affiliates to both become EAs and maintain the minimum rank of EA every month!

If you’ve been anxious for ways to re-qualify for your Team Leader rank under the new 2016 TL requirements, this tool may be what you’ve been looking for!

One of the best features of the CSA Reassignment program is that if you reassign CSAs to someone, and they do not maintain their EA rank (or, in the case of someone who has not yet reached the rank of EA, if they do not achieve the rank of EA), they roll back up to YOU! So, either your reassigned CSAs create EAs for you…or you get the CSAs returned back to you (and you resume your role as their Co-Sponsor with all the Co-Sponsor benefits you had before).

And for the person to whom you reassigned the CSAs–provided they maintain their EA status–it’s a WIN too, because you’re helping them build their team…and potentially their commissions, also.

For more information about the CSA Reassignment tool, see this Knowledge Base article:



If you haven’t had a chance to check out TripleClicks’ LocalPay program for ECAs, you owe it to your business to take a moment and do so NOW. In addition to bypassing international transaction “roadblocks” by conducting your transactions locally–in your own currency–with TripleClicks Members in your region, you can also get paid immediately–on the front-end–for orders you’ve fulfilled! What’s more, you can offer local pick up for your customers, eliminating bothersome shipping charges.

If you or your referred ECAs are still on the fence about applying for a LocalPay license, consider this as well: The world is going more global all the time. Thousands of current and future companies will need local fulfillment/payment/delivery services, too. By being a member of our growing network and establishing a track record now, you can position yourself to take on other future clients and create an even larger order fulfillment enterprise for yourself.

Applying for a LocalPay license via your ECA Center ( is quick and easy. Just scroll down to the LocalPay License(s) section, and select the link. You can also visit these three TC pages for more information:



We continue with our revised course with Internet Income 2.0, Lesson #18: “Social Media In Perspective.” Course author, George Little, compares Social Media Marketing to Search Marketing and discusses the role that Social Media Marketing plays in your overall marketing strategy, including tracking and measuring your marketing results and practical strategies for effectively using paid social media promotions.

About Internet Income: Each new lesson of SFI’s revised, exclusive course contains updated tips, real-world advice, and in-depth, step-by-step instructions on setting up your Internet-based business. Author George Little uses plain English to explain the ins and outs of starting and running a profitable online business in today’s ever-changing global market.




Success sure is sweet! Just ask anyone who’s ever built a successful business. In SFI, your potential for success really amps up once you reach the rank of Team Leader. Not only do you expand your access to several income streams, you achieve a MAJOR step toward building a long-term, successful business!

Of course, ALL Affiliates get access to SFI’s free training, marketing tools, compensation opportunities, and other goodies, but here are 10 MORE reasons why being an SFI Team Leader really rocks:

1. More Free TCredits every month!

Every Team Leader gets up to 24 FREE TripleClicks TCredits every month to use for member listings, to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, to participate in contests, play games, download songs from TripleClicks Music, and more.

2. More shares in the TC Executive Pool!

In addition to one TripleClicks Executive Pool share for every VP earned that every Affiliate gets each month, Team Leaders get matching VP shares for VP earned by all EA2s in their downline…up to 12 levels, including their CSAs! DTLs also get double matching VP on affiliates on their 12th level!

3. Even MORE TripleClicks Executive Pool shares!

As a Team Leader, for every 10 personal VP you earn, you get bonus shares in the TripleClicks Executive Pool. Advance up the ranks of Team Leader, get more Milestone Shares–up to 18 shares every month!

4. New, free Co-Sponsored Affiliates every month!

Team Leaders get up to 6 monthly share allotments of Second Home CSAs– CSAs who were previously assigned a Co-Sponsor but were forfeited due to the Co-Sponsor not maintaining required EA status.

5. Expanded leverage to transform your PSAs into Team Leaders!

The ability to reassign PSAs up to 12 generations to motivated, up-and-coming leaders in your downline can help you encourage, develop, and motivate your Team Leaders. And, remember: every time you develop a new committed TL, you’ve created another residual income stream that can keep bringing in money for you with minimum attention on your part!

6. Even MORE power to grow your SFI organization!

Silver Team Leaders and above can reassign their CSAs to their downline affiliates–up to 12 generations. This can be a powerful tool for providing incentives to your affiliates to upgrade and maintain EA and above every month!

7. Extra DD invites to help you expand your core group of select PSAs.

With up to 20 Designated Diamond Invitations, you can use this valuable resource to create a strong, core group of officially designated, select PSAs that you’ll work closely with to build a successful team. Find out more:

8. Exclusive TL support and resources!

We LOVE our leaders…that’s why we pride ourselves in giving our TLs the quick support response they need to keep their businesses strong. The SFI Forum also features a Team Leader category exclusively for TLs to brainstorm, ask questions, and get direct feedback from other SFI Leaders, as well as SFI President Gery Carson and others at SFI Corporate!

9. Creative freedom over new SFI ads and promotions!

STLs and above can let their creative juices flow by writing up their own ads and promotions to suit their local area demands, marketing focus, or special strategy. NOTE: All ads and promotions must first be submitted to SFI for fast approval (usually 1 to 2 business days).

10. Bragging rights and sense of accomplishment!

This might not seem all that significant at first, but never underestimate the far-reaching benefits of setting goals and reaching them! Your growing confidence and experience naturally shines through and positively affects your relationship with others in your downline. Happiness is contagious, and your team members will naturally want to emulate (i.e., duplicate) your efforts!



Quickly locate the newest threads at the SFI Forum

Easily and quickly check out the newest threads at the SFI Forum ( by simply clicking the NEWEST tab at the top of the SFI Forum homepage. Click the NEW REPLIES tab to see all the threads you’ve opened with replies you haven’t viewed.

Looking for the most active topics? Click the HOT tab for the current s, organized by the time of the latest post. You can also try your hand at attaining forum “guru” status by simply submitting quality posts with valuable content and/or that provide assistance to other members of the forum community. Such posts will be be recognized by members of the Forum Guru Voting Panel. Reach a rank of 200 or better among gurus, and you’ll be officially recognized as a Forum Guru and receive a Forum Guru badge!



Attract new customers with Pricebenders text ads

TripleClicks Pricebenders penny auctions continue to grow in popularity. And to help you and your team spread the word to customers about great deals on name-brand, in-demand items at the store, several Pricebenders marketing aids are available. Check them out at the Marketing Center, under the Marketing Aids tab. Be sure to select Pricebenders under the Program list on the left to filter your results. Then, use those marketing aids to help generate excitement and attract new TripleClicks members by employing the methods listed under the Marketing Methods tab, also available at the Marketing Center:



Follow-ups are crucial to success. What in your follow-up e-mails have you found to be effective in getting results?

25 answers (top authors: Mar Fajardo, Rupak Das, Ufuomaoghene Afekhuai)



TripleClicks now features the products and services of 3,308 ECAs (E-Commerce Associates) from 140 different countries! Check out this week’s featured ECA. And be sure to connect with them to receive notices about future hot deals, closeouts, and sales!

Udon Biz Shopping
Customer Rating: Very Good

Udon Biz has what you’re looking for! In addition to a wide variety of products, gifts, and cool items for the home and garden, Udon also offers sports and outdoors products; health, fitness, and wellness items; food and beverages; jewelry; personal care and beauty products; and lots more!

Check them out:



Affiliates weigh in on the new Biz Quiz:

“Searching for the Biz Quiz answer helps us to go back to the basics of SFI/TC and renew our understanding!!”
–Sampath S., INDIA

“Love trivia and games of wit! Helps to keep the cobwebs off of the ‘aging’ grey matter! SFI/TripleClicks is getting better and better. I can only pity the ‘fools’ that jump ship too soon, because WE are moving toward the best home-business opportunity of all time.”
–Williams F., USA

“Wow! Amazing! If we never used to read to learn about our business, we must do it now. I believe the Biz Quiz is a fantastic arrangement to identify those who are taking their businesses seriously. Another great invention, Mr. Carson! Things can only get better from here. Have a fine 2016!”
–Rosalee K., JAMAICA

“Thank you, a great addition and a wonderful opportunity for SFI members to win some great prizes.”

“Thanks again, Gery. The Biz Quiz is another stepping stone to test our SFI IQ and also encourage us to read more.”

“Thanks for the Biz Quiz, because I’m learning and my knowledge is increasing about SFI.”
–Dolores S., USA

“I think that this is a fun micro-game in which one can broaden their understanding of SFI/TC (and/or reassure them of what they have already learned), and it provides incentive for affiliates to participate, which is always appreciated. ”

“What a great addition to our daily tasks! I got an A+ grade right from the start. Some of the answers I knew but some of them–actually most of them–I went on a hunt to find. I love this! I just surf the SFI Website and find everything I need!”
–Annalien P., SOUTH AFRICA

“Thank you for Biz Quiz, a very educational contest. I have a great time searching for the right answers. Some are easy but others we’ve got to search and research. My grade now is A. Congratulations, Gery, for giving us Biz Quiz! We now have the chance to win $50, which will be added to our Signing Bonus. This is a very good opportunity for all of us.”
–Luningning S., PHILIPPINES



18th successful year for SFI (31st for SFI’s parent company)
12,980 new Affiliates added last week
5.2 million TripleClicks members
87,534 commissionable products (963 new added last week)
3,308 E-Commerce Affiliates (in 140 countries)
56 LocalPay Merchants (in 22 countries)
Millions – Commissions paid out to our affiliates (in US Dollars)



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