REAL people. REAL opportunity!

This is the first welcome sent out: (e Card)

This is your Sponsor, Alvin Johnson welcoming you to our team.

You will receive another letter from me shortly following this message.

Please be sure to keep in contact with me.

Please contact me immediately when you have questions.

I look forward to helping you get started on your journey to success.

Again, welcome to our SFI Team!


Alvin Johnson
SFI Team Leader (EA2)

The second letter is sent out from the profile snapahot link SFI sends us to alert our new enrolls:

Hi ~firstname~,

My name is Alvin  and I’ve recently been appointed by SFI as your Co-Sponsor. As your Co-Sponsor, I’m here to assist you and support you in building your SFI business.

By the way, if you haven’t looked at SFI lately, log in at the SFI Affiliate Center ( When you get there, you’ll see the new SFI Homepage, which now features a to-do list personalized just for you. This makes everything so simple because all you have to do is start completing the tasks on your to-do list. Each task earns you points and positions you for bigger and better perks and payouts!

Be sure to log in at the SFI Affiliate Center as soon as you can, and if I can answer any questions or assist you in any way, just let me know.

The first on the list is very important as this is how we learn to earn income logging in every day completing our daily tasks.

1) Log in and do the “Daily Tasks”

2) Get “Started” learning how we earn:

3) Complete “SFI Basics”:

4) Complete “Launchpad”:

I will be monitoring your progress, and assist you along the way!

Thank you, and again welcome to our Team!

I look forward to working with you!

Alvin Johnson

1080 Terrace Street Suite 712

Muskegon, MI  49442


Keep up with our “Team Builders” by sending out group mail from the “Genealogy” group mailer.

Greetings ~FIRSTNAME~!
I have been very busy working with “New Enrolled” Affiliates, promoting SFI/Tripleclicks, and seeking to gain more “Movers” very soon!

I have a process which I have initiated which has been proving to be very responsive.

I will not include this process here, however in the near future you will receive from me how it works, and how to actually set it up as your own initiative.

This will be considered part of our “Master Strong Team Building” strategy. You will receive the master plan.

Since our Founder, Mr. Gery Carson, introduced the “Designated Diamond” process, it has been determined much more effort is expected and provided for each of us.

We must set up our email accounts.

We must separate the active from the inactive Affiliates with these email accounts.

We must prepare our email accounts for our prospective ECA members.

We must separate the active ECA members from the inactive.

We must set up our email accounts with the latest innovations in “Marketing Aids” we discover.

We must also create separate files and folders for our Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, and “Individual Active Affiliates” who make (EA2) consistently.

Doing this will help us support our team members most effective and efficiently.

Now we are ready to go to work!

The technique which I have been using is beginning to attract followers on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and many other social media, as I do promote my courtship with my prospects openly online in a very subtle manner.

The following letter is an actual letter sent to one of my prospects.

You are invited to duplicate this letter, and request the link I to our WordPress “Strong Team Building” support blog.

It is not possible for me to share the actual letter, as this group platform fails to deliver imaging.

This WordPress blog can be accessed online:

By requesting direct this information, you will be provided with extra support for duplicating this process.

This process is created to stimulate stronger growth in our team building efforts, while causing a stir of curiosity, and sharing environment online not only among our team members, but our audiences as well.

It is working!

Imagine if we all incorporated this process into our marketing strategy.

We all will be amazed!

Below is a copy of a prospective courtship hopefully to gain another ECA:

Marketing Manager,

Greetings Talita,

As I mentioned, we have thousands of online Affiliates waiting to go to work for you!

We cover the burden to keep the advertising cost free for your company.

Please respond to this request directly.

Details how your company can receive global support will be sent to you at your request.

This is a win/win business offer.

You are moments away from having your fine products introduced to a global audience of eager SFI Executive Affiliates.

Please follow the link instructions:

Once you join, you will receive instructions how to set up your own store, and begin selling while our dedicated teams help promote your products and services to a larger audience, many which are composed of teams much as you will begin to grow.

We have thousands of global advertising teams waiting to go to work with you.

We have thousands of teams worldwide that will help you!

If you are seeking to only sell your products and services, and do not wish to join as a SFI Affiliate, go directly:

Once you learn the benefits of becoming a member yourself, you will always have the option to join later. My advice is to join. Learn how the business works, and how you can earn income as an Affiliate, and from selling your products and services.

Just think of the potential our partnering together can produce.

5,114,871 Members
203 Countries with Members
88,130 Products (View latest)
3,296 ECAs (View newest ECAs)
639 ECAs in United States
140 Countries with ECAs

There is nothing like getting paid to sell your own products along with global support from others around the world helping you promote them too!

Get back with me. I will be happy to help you get going.

Thank you in advance for your quick response!


Alvin Johnson

SFI Executive Marketing Manager

e Commerce Associate (ECA)

SFI (Strong Future Intl)

—To our Success!

Alvin Johnson
SFI Bronze Team Builder (EA2)

To our “Success!

Please Keep up with our Team Members by following up with an e card. We never know what the circumstances will be, as in these two examples, one of the is deceased.

I save a copy to my computer, and post them to their Facebook page. One of the friends or relatives will contact you. There are many options to choose from. I like the one e card shown below. This one tends to get the best response from friends and family.

It was discovered by friends and family, which in turn caused them to contact me. One time one of the Affiliates I did not take it to friendly, so be careful while sending to make it plain why you posted this to any Facebook profile. On the other occasion one had actually deceased. This is when we notify SFI Admin Support for their records.
See the examples below:
Food for thought:

“Many people think that I came in life to walk, but on the contrary the life of any person, for less than it seems, has its ups and downs. The Secret is always smile, and give it around, and eliminate the word quit, of your personal dictionary. So intensely alive, smile for the most beautiful moments spent, cry when you have left is cry, cry washes the soul. Get up always, however small or large that it is the inclination and start again, without giving up their goals. Always strengthen the column that maintains its structure of life, and for more hard that is their disappointments, remember that your problem can not be a problem, near the problems of other people. There are people who have bigger problems that their, and that even so thank you every minute of life. Think about it! And always keep taking the life in front.” (Unknown)


Alvin Johnson
SFI Team Leader (EA2)

REAL people. REAL opportunity



Join our “Strong Team” of Inspired Motivated Winners!


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