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We believe promoted content should make the Pinterest experience better for everyone. Advertising can play a big role in helping people get inspired and bring their future plans to life, which is why we want ads to be among some of the best stuff you see on Pinterest—beautiful, actionable and interesting. To make sure of that, we’ve put together these advertising principles and rules.


We have high standards for ads. These principles should guide your content and behavior as you advertise on Pinterest.

  • Be authentic. Promote content that expresses who you really are and what you actually offer.

  • Promote Pins that make you proud. Your ads should be some of the best stuff people see on Pinterest.

  • Don’t promote spam or other bad stuff. People should be safe from that on Pinterest.

  • Obey applicable laws and regulations. Keep it legal.

The specifics

You’re responsible for making sure your use of our ad services and your ads follow all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes. You must also follow our acceptable use policy, terms, and these advertising standards. These rules apply to all parts of the promoted content, including the image, description and destination, and to features like audience targeting.

Be authentic and honest

Authenticity means being truthful and honest about the product or service you’re promoting. It also means being transparent with Pinners about what they should expect when they interact with your ad, your site and your products or services.


  • Accurately reflect your product, service or brand

“Your ads must reflect who you are and what you’re promoting. Bait and switch ads (misleading ads that promise one thing but lead to another) are poor experiences for Pinners, so make sure your images, descriptions and landing pages are consistent. Your Promoted Pins must have descriptions.”

  • Don’t make misleading or exaggerated claims

  • Disclose your billing practices

  • Stick to one advertiser per account, and be clear about who’s advertising

  • Be honest about your relationship with Pinterest

  • Be transparent about conversion tracking

  • Respect our community’s data and privacy

  • Respect the rights of others

Be thoughtful with your editorial

To keep ads beautiful, actionable and interesting, we set high standards for the editorial quality of promoted content.

We never allow:

  • Images with promotions and prices

  • Images with a false sense of urgency

  • Images with confusing design elements

    Learn more
  • Images with testimonials and ratings

  • Images or descriptions with shocking content or profanity

  • Images or descriptions with more than one hashtag

  • Images or descriptions with improper grammar or lots of capitalization and symbols

Be relevant and respectful with your targeting

Make sure your targeting is relevant to the product or service you’re promoting. It’s never okay to target Pinners in a way that implies you’re aware of sensitive info about them.

  • Target the right audience

  • Don’t target sensitive categories

  • Follow all database targeting rules

Deliver a world class experience

We care about the ad experience from start to finish—even the URL your ad links to.

  • Use an accurate destination URL 
  • Be clear if your landing page goes to a hardwall or signup wall 
  • Don’t send Pinners to low quality landing pages 
  • Don’t use affiliate or redirect links 

Put Pinners’ safety first

You’re responsible for the content you promote on Pinterest, as well as the safety and trustworthiness of the products and services you offer in Pinterest ads. Heads up: for legal, product and reputational reasons, we don’t allow certain categories of ads that other platforms do allow.

We never allow ads for these products and services:

  • Adult products and services

  • False documents

  • Healthcare

  • Illegal activity

  • Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia

  • Imitation or counterfeit goods

  • Badware and hacking

  • Nudity or sexually suggestive content

  • Online gambling and lotteries, or games of skill

  • Online pharmacies, prescription drugs and supplements

  • Pinterest incentives

  • Products from endangered or threatened species

  • Tobacco

  • Unacceptable business practices

  • Weapons and explosives

  • Weight loss products and services

We have restrictions on ads for these products and services:

  • Alcohol 

  • Contests and sweepstakes

  • Political campaigning

We reserve the right to reject, approve or remove any ad that negatively affects our relationship with Pinners or goes against our interests. We may also remove ads or categories of ads that get lots of negative feedback from Pinners. These rules may change at any time.

Need help? Learn more about what to do if your ad was disapproved.

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