Social Media & Sharing


Social Media & Sharing

Is this really how we are?

Recently one of my newly enrolled SFI Affiliates was discussing his experiences with me a few days after joining. He was very aggressive for a new affiliate, as he had already began posting ads for TripleClicks products on his Facebook Page.
We bounced back off each other our online experience, while he added a few questions about the business opportunity, the basic concepts toward success. One of the statements he made has been haunting me ever since he mentioned how he recognized the selfishness in people. His statement; “Facebook is full of selfish people!” did not really take hold until a few days later, when memories of that conversation came back to mind.
Here it is 3 days after, and this statement is as vivid on my mind as if I actually heard him speaking. Is this really how we are? I asked myself this question. Are we actually just thinking of ourselves? This can go both ways. The Internet Marketing Executive Affiliate may also be just as selfish as the audience attempted to be reached.
I do not expect a sale as soon as I post an ad, or item to my Facebook status. I do not expect anyone to click on these if they have no need for the products, or do I expect them to like and share them in the same manner, however, his statement burned an impressive thought in my head.
Selfishness could originate within the advertiser and the audience as well. I wish I could have come to this conclusion while we held that discussion. I could have put a different spin on his conscience. His inconsideration may be showing here.
So last night after getting a quick snack, I climb into bed, or fell into bed rather, and as soon as I relaxed a disturbing fact hit me. Then a few more disturbing facts are discovered. I had to agree with him. As I lay there the amount of people on my friends list came to mind. Then quickly following thoughts regarding their connections, and then how many some of these friends are actually connected to me indirectly.
I began counting; my 1,900 friends, 260 followers, my friends are connected to between 4,000 and 12,000 at the highest level of prospective audiences, and on any given day there is about 51,000 to 151,000,000 people in my audience. “Is he right?” I say to myself, and my eyes jumped wide open. I was not sleepy or tired anymore. I sat up in bed and shook my head. He is right! Most people are just in their own world, thinking about their own desires, interests, and needs. They do not care about what you have to sell whether it be a product or service. They are just like me.
I must change the way I do things. Not immediately, but in a very subtle fashion get into the right arena, and use different platforms outside of social media. Now that it has been confirmed we are all selfishly posting to our blogs, websites, classifieds, or wherever, we are selfish with what we do. We really need more traffic!

SFI – (Six Figure Income) !!!

What have you got to lose? Approach, – (offer)
Most users on social media are afraid to engage in sharing. They would rather compete.
So we will have to figure out how to make sharing more profitable.
We must offer some sort of incentives to get most people to engage.
Most users online take the “what’s in it for me?” Approach, – (competitive).
What can I give? Approach, – (sharing)
Which approach did you decide?



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