“Team Builders” who are Anticipating Consideration as a “Designated Diamond” Team Leaders!”


This letter goes out to all future “team builders”, and expected or destined “Team Builders” who are anticipating consideration as a “Designated Diamond Team “Leader” remaining active daily, and monthly doing our SFI business online.

Remaining active “Daily and Monthly” will automatically qualify you for the entire year after, and then the six-month requirement to fulfill the goal to reach the level as an actual “Diamond” Team Leader.

Yes, once you are invited, and accepted, this means within six months we expect to be Diamond Team Leaders. This is why as your Sponsor and “Team Builder”, it will be considerable to only designate those who have at least been active every month for one year.

If you happen to miss a day or two, do not worry, I will only be interested in the fact that you remained active every month, due to unforeseen circumstances that may occur.

I will be posting this letter on our Facebook “Team Support” blog, other social media sites and groups which I use to help you promote the SFI Business opportunity, and our TripleClicks store.

It is very important that we all consider being completely attached to each other online.

This means we all should at least have a Facebook Fan Page, a website or blog, an up to date Leadership Page, and be engaged in seeking other social media sites such as, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, and Pinterest.

Why is this important?

Being directly connected in this manner will help us all help each other with just the click of the mouse, by copy and paste actions. We will have the ability to create a stronger advertising strategy online by sharing our immediate teams adds with them. This also will support “Building Stronger Teams” as this is our goal. Being directly connected online also will help build a very strong team support system.

There is already much information provided us within the contents of these social media platforms which offer instruction on how to get set up to advertise and promote the SFI business, products, and services, learning how to do this business, and what it takes to prosper, and remain a successful SFI Affiliate.

We all can gain much benefit by being actively engaged with each other online.
Please consider this letter if you are anticipating the “Designated Diamond” position. We are intended to develop many by using team leveraging systems. If you are not aware off this method get in contact with me. I will appreciate your response.

As your team leader and sponsor, all of these activities mentioned in the letter will also help make determination on who is plugged in with all of the efforts online. Special attention and consideration will be given those who follow these online marketing actions closely.

Those of us who have not been actively engage may be considering taking these actions at their earliest convenience, or at least be in contact with me via email, or our online chat resources. This will also support our team support online.

Here is an excerpt from a recent letter:

Team Building is what we are about, we focus on this main goal!

This brings up a question of concern; if we are serious about Team Building, why aren’t any qualified Team Players entered in the “Team Building Contest” for 2016?
1) Go there right away and enter your participation; (you must be on the “Movers List” and an Executive Affiliate to qualify for this contest) You must enter to WIN!!! : https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/Leadership?preview=true&id=14960371
2) Request my Facebook friendship: https://www.facebook.com/aljpromo
3) Follow and subscribe to our Team Support WordPress Blog: https://spunckside.wordpress.com/
4) Review all Team Support websites where I list not only my immediate support sites, but will also list those you develop: https://en.gravatar.com/spunckside
5) Duplicate this process, and position your place for extra advertising support for building stronger teams. (I will help personally help you promote your SFI business, and TripleClicks products and services!)
6) These actions are designed to build up team advertising leverage, and team building support.
7) We must be well connected online, and remain actively plugged in to our immediate teams as well.
We have proven that it is fact, anyone who joins up with me will find themselves positioned for success within the first month of joining SFI.

Keep in touch, keep doing what you have learned to do well, and look forward toward a very successful year 2016 with SFI.

Thank you for remaining an active “Team Player!”

Now that we have the big picture, let’s get going and make it happen!

Thank you for your continued affiliation with our SFI online business.


Alvin Johnson
SFI Bronze Team Builder (EA2)



About Online Marketing Connection

Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/backtoschoolart
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