TweetBoss Marketing Strategy, how to use twitter to make money and build a list!

Twitter Marketing Course

Who is this guide meant for?

This guide is meant for business owners who have heard that their business should be on social media, have tried marketing on social media and haven’t received the results they would like.

While social media sites like Twitter are useful for letting our friends know about our current status, using Twitter for business in the same manner that one uses Twitter in their personal life can lead to disastrous results. 

(eg. See image below. This ABC employee was fired after tweeting this from the company’s Twitter account. Don’t be like this guy.)Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 1.27.34 AM

This guide is meant to show you how to move away from the habit of posting simple status updates to generating real revenue from Twitter.

In this course, you will learn how to start using Twitter to 1) find customers who are already looking for what you offer, 2) to reach out to those potential leads on Twitter,  and 3) to close the deal; that is, how to get them to your website and click on the “buy now” button.

So lets get started.

What are the advantages of using Twitter for Business?

Before there was the internet or social media, getting a business noticed was an expensive endeavor. Back then, most businesses could expect to pay some form of print, radio or television advertising costs.

The problem with these forms of getting-the-word-out was that they were extremely cost prohibitive and there was no way to directly measure the ad campaign’s efficacy. 

Word-of-mouth has always been the cheapest and most effective way to get noticed by customers, however traditionally it has also been the most difficult form of promotion for a business to receive.

This is no longer the case. Thanks to the internet, and social media sites such as Twitter, business owners can skip right over the traditional forms of advertising such as print, radio and television.

No longer is it necessary to factor-in high monthly advertising costs into your business budget. Because of social media, businesses can now utilize the most effective form of advertising there is (word of mouth), on a scale that was never possible before.

Social media in general and sites like Twitter specifically, have made it possible to reach more people naturally, via word-of-mouth than businesses of the past could have ever dreamt of.

Just think of how Twitter works for a second. First you tweet out a marketing message to your followers.  That marketing message can now be seen by thousands of people without costing you a dime.

To see how this is true, lets say you have 1000 followers. That message is now visible to 1000 people at once. Next, lets say that message, if it resonates with people, is retweeted by 200 people.

And lets imagine that each of the 200 people have at least 1000 followers.  Thats an additional 200,000 people who have seen your message. That is huge! Never before has it been so easy to reach over 200,000 people. 

As I am sure you can see, the amplifying effect of Twitter is exponential. Imagine now that instead of having 1000 followers, you have 20,000 followers. And lets also imagine that 20% of your 20,000 followers retweet your message.

Thats 4000 people who would have retweeted your marketing message. Let us further imagine that each of those 4000 people have at least 1000 followers. That means, your marketing message has now reached (a minimum of) 4 million people.

Each of the potential customers, who have seen your marketing message is now aware of your business and is more likely to 1) become your follower, and 2) most importantly become your customer. 

So how do I find my customers?

So you are now probably thinking: “That all sounds awesome! But I don’t know how to get 1000 followers, let alone 20,000”. My response to this is in three parts:


This cannot be overstated. In order to get people to follow your business on Twitter you must be engaging, you must informative and you must be creative.

No one goes to Twitter to be advertised to, however that does not mean that they won’t be receptive to marketing messages that are engaging, informative and creative.

Tweets that essentially scream “Buy my stuff” will have very low engagement, aren’t informative and are far from creative.Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 2.18.50 AM

On Twitter people expect to be entertained, so it is no sin to have a little fun with your tweeting. Just make sure that you don’t go too far. Although its much more of a crime to be too dull.


One of the best and most under used features of Twitter is the search function. This features is so powerful, in fact, that it should be the basis of almost all of your activity on Twitter.

With this feature you can find people to follow who are actually talking about what it is your business has to offer.

For example, if a Twitter user mentions that they are looking for a dog walker in NYC and you are a dog walker in NYC, you could use Twitter’s search to find that person!

That is the closest thing to a match made in heaven you can get, and it is vital that you use this feature.


Have you ever noticed that some people will have 5000 followers and have 5000 people that they are following?

Don’t be that guy.

In the world of social media you want to be the one with more followers than you are following. The number of people you are following doesn’t have to be well below the number of followers you have but it should be reasonably lower.

The way to do this is to go through your list of followers and check to see if they are following you back. If you know that you followed a person a while back, but they haven’t followed you back, then unfollow them.

After that you will have curated a clean list of people who are actually interested in your content and your following to follower ratio will be respectable.

Now, if you have been following along, you will remember that in part one I told you that it was necessary to use the twitter search function to find your target customers.

You should remember my dog walker example, here’s a similar example: lets say that you are an author with an ebook to sell. The cool thing about twitter is that people say exactly what’s on their minds at the time.

Using the search function you can find that person or persons who have mentioned that they are looking for a new book to read.

To show you what I mean, I did a quick search on twitter for “looking for new book to read” and here’s what I found

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.06.29 PM

What’s great about this is that there are literally hundreds of people asking for new books to read.

The savvy author/business owner would 1) follow every single one of these people and 2) reply to each of their posts.

But its important to note, you can’t just approach random people with your product offer without some finesse.

How to approach potential customers on twitter

Take a look at each of the people in the image above.  Each person is an individual. Each person is unique. That means that you can’t send a blanket reply and expect results.

Once you follow each of your potential customers, you must take the time to understand what makes them tick. This can be easily done by simply clicking on their profile image, and looking at the profile.

By looking at their profile, you will discover more information about your potential customer that may help you make the sale.

For example, imagine if we were to check out one of the potential customer’s profile’s and we discovered that they mentioned that they wanted something new to read, but in the next tweet they mentioned that they hated horror novels.

In this case, if we were horror novelists, we would have discovered that this person was never our potential customer at all. On the other hand, we may discover information that would make us and the customer the perfect match.

Imagine if they were to mention in the next tweet that they “loved horror novels”. Well, if we are horror novelists, then we’ve found ourselves a match.

Now, we can approach the potential customer with a reply to their tweet, with an understanding of the potential customer we would never would have had otherwise.

Now, if you are thinking that all of this searching and following hundreds of people per day seems like a lot of work, don’t worry!

This entire process can be automated.

How to do it all the smart way!

So, to get started automating the Twitter marketing process, you’ll need Twitter Marketing Software such as TweetBoss. You can download the free trial here.

Ok, so now that you’ve downloaded the software, I’ll show you how to use it to get started.

TweetBoss is Twitter marketing software that allows you to automate many of the tasks we’ve been discussing in the course. The beauty of using twitter automation software like TweetBoss is that tasks that would take hours each day take minutes.

The whole purpose of automation is to free up your time, so that you have that time to do what actually matters (like running your business).

Reaching people on Twitter takes up a lot of time when you are doing it all manually.

Do you really want to sit and message 1000 people on twitter per day? Or follow 2000 people per day? Of course not.

So, let get started with TweetBoss!

First install the software, opened it up and entered your activation code.

Once you have that all set up, you’re now ready to start automating your twitter marketing.


  1. To start using TweetBoss, you will need to add a twitter account to manage. To add a twitter account, click “Add Account”.
  2. A new window will open which will allow you to sign in to twitter.

  1. After entering your username and password, you can then click “Authorize app”. Once clicked, you will receive an authorization Pin number. Enter the Pin number into the text field below and then press ‘OK’.

  1. Once you have clicked ‘OK’. You will have successfully added a Twitter account to TweetBoss.

  1. You will notice your twitter account has been added to the Account Overview list. You will also notice a tab has been created with your Twitter account ScreenName as the title. You can now click on this tab to begin managing your account.



  1. You can now begin setting up TweetBoss to begin auto-tweeting. To begin, you can create a list of tweets in a text-editor such as notepad and save the resulting file as a text file. 

  1. Once the text file of tweets are saved, you may then load them into TweetBoss

  1. Your tweets will now be loaded into TweetBoss.

  1. You will notice a few options such as: Add link to tweetsLoad Tweets From User, and Add Tweet, Tweet every _ to _ minutes, Reload List When Empty
    1. Add link to tweets: if this option is used, each tweet will have your link added to it when it is tweeted.
    2. Load tweets from user: You can grab another users tweets and tweet them as if they were your own. Simple enter the twitter handle of the person you would like to grab tweets from and press the button next to it. Any mentions the user has will NOT be added.
    3. Add Tweet: You can manually add a tweet to the list of tweets to be tweeted. Simply type the tweet and then press the plus sign.
    4. Tweet every __ to ___ minutes: You can set a time span for TweetBoss to randomly tweet.
    5. Reload List When Empty: If this is checked, TweetBoss will reopen the list of tweets you loaded into TweetBoss after it has sent all of those tweets.
  2. Once you have loaded all of your tweets and set your options, you can press the green play button and TweetBoss will begin sending out your tweets automatically!


  1. To begin following you have two options: Follow by search term, and follow by user.
    1. Follow by search term: Allows you to follow twitter users who mentioned the word(s) or hashtag you specify.
    2. Follow by user: Allows you to follow the followers of a twitter user. For example, if you enter “LadyGaga”, you will follow LadyGaga’s followers. The @ is not necessary.
  2. We will begin with Follow by Search Term. To begin, type in a search term and then click the magnifying glass icon. 
  3. After clicking the magnifying glass icon you will notice a list of users that TweetBoss will follow for you below.
  4. You may then press the green play button to start following.
  5. If you would like to make sure that TweetBoss will not follow specific twitter users, you can add them to the blacklist. Adding a user is as simple as typing in the name of the user and pressing the green plus sign next to “Add to Black List”. You can remove the user from the blacklist by clicking the red delete button.


And thats it. Now, you’re all set! You can now begin automating your Twitter marketing, the smart way.

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  1. Thank you for this information. For the longest time I have heard that I should be using twitter, but I didn’t know how. This is a long post, but I am glad I actually read it all the way through. I look forward to the next posts.

  2. Does this work with any niche though? I have an offline business, but I have been trying to promote it with the internet lately with no luck. How would this apply for brick and mortal types?

  3. Awesome stuff, definitely working on building a social media presence for my jewelry making side business. I will start applying this today.

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