How can I learn to be a good Team Leader for my group?

Author of this Answer: (Voting closes/author revealed January 14, 2016), however, it is possible to access many other “leadership” answers here: ASK SC

There are two ways to learn and you should use them both simultaneously. One is reading in order to teach yourself about Internet Marketing in general and seeking good mentors in your upline, and other affiliates through A2a.

The best way to learn is by making A2a friends with Team leaders especially the Platinum and the diamond ones because they may be SFI affiliates longer than you so they can share with you their experience. Make friends with Team leaders on Facebook not only to engage in online chat but also checking and following their posts if they have fan pages then even better because you may see pictures, links, and other things that may be useful to you in the learning process. Does it ever occur to you that these people may have a group? So maybe they can add you in it so this is another useful place for you to learn. You may even be surprised if you get invited to a webinar.

Visit the TripleClicks Store, why do you think I am saying this? The answer is “books” yes TC sells lots of books from SFI leaders who share their success secrets and buying these can come in handy.

I will give you an example by telling you a very well known Bible Story. It is called The 10 Commandments or Prince of Egypt. The second book of the bible known as Exodus tells the Story of a man born in Egypt of Hebrew Slaves his name was Moses. His life was in danger so his mother hid him for three months after he was born but she could no longer hide him so she wove a basket with papyrus and put him inside and then she put him in the river. He was found by the pharaoh’s daughter and she reared him as her own child. So the son of Hebrew slaves grew up in the palace of Egypt as a prince until he found out the truth and killed an Egyptian slave master.

Moses fled into the desert for many days until he arrived in the land of Midian at the home of a high priest and shepherd with many daughters but Jethro was old and could not tend the sheep so Moses arrival was a blessing. So now an Egyptian Prince living in a palace ended up in the desert living a nomadic lifestyle tending sheep but Moses knew nothing about sheep so he needed time to learn. So Jethro’s daughters had to hang out with him and teach him. So little by little he learned from these women and then once he mastered it God appeared to him on a mountain in the shape of a burning bush and called upon him.

God revealed to Moses that for 400 years he heard the cries of his people and witnessed their suffering, so he has finally chosen a deliverer and that was Moses. So he freaked out because he said that he is not right for the job. The truth is that Moses became a mighty leader of a large nation wandering in the desert once led out of Egypt but in order for this to happen Moses needed training and preparation to be a leader so how do you think Moses learned? The answer is tending sheep so before he could lead a large multitude of people he had to be a shepherd in the desert tending a huge flock of sheep.


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