“Many of my affiliates have blocked my emails. How can I be an awesome sponsor if I cannot contact them?”

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Alvin Johnson, EA2 (Michigan, US) 9/12/2015 10:25 am

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“Many of my affiliates have blocked my emails. How can I be an awesome sponsor if I cannot contact them?”

That is something we all will experience from time to time. Many times it is an indication too many messages have been sent. Other times, loss of interest in the business will cause one to block email messages.

My own experiences taught me to keep going with those who are not only still reading our email, but to continue sending messages via group mailers, and e Cards.

Keeping a regular flow of one or two messages per week is enough. Do not over send messages to our down lines. They will soon be recognized as spam.

There are plenty interested members on our teams, and more to come. Keep building your team even if a few do not welcome your messages. Do not let this discourage you. I have one who blocked my email, only because it was reminding that person of the things that could not be accomplished or afforded.

There are times in our lives when we just do not have the ability to perform as we wish or desire. In this case we might just block messages to indicate this to our sponsor. We do not have the courage to let our sponsor know we have failed the expectations before us.

These are just a few reasons. Inactivity should not hinder our goals.

We just keep on doing what we know is working, and forget about those who do not desire to hear from us any longer.

Thank you for allowing me to share.


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