This Weeks Best Answer: What is the best way to train my PSAs and CSAs?

What is the best way to train my PSAs and CSAs?

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Asked by Milica Stanojevic
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The moment a prospect signs up, a comprehensive, carefully scheduled training process sets in motion. SFI has put together one of the most, if not The most effective training package to help affiliate gain the knowledge, the skills and the work ethics needed to succeed online.

This training is designed to expose the new SFI member to all the material and information available in a ways that will benefit them, without overwhelming them.

As a sponsor, I view my role, as the first point of support for the affiliates (PSAs and CSAs) who join my team. From my welcome letter onward, I establish and maintain communication lines focused on building with them professional relationships, offering help, tips and motivational advice.

I present myself to my team members as a friend, a mentor, and a person to whom they can turn to for any question they may have or any clarification they seek.

We cannot duplicate the training SFI is offering, and we should avoid at all costs any attempts to do so. We should not add to the volume and density of the SFI training material. Our role is to help our affiliates gain the most out of it.

This way, our actions enhance the entire training process, as we help the affiliates fully understand the concepts, apply the promoting, sales and sponsoring techniques that are being taught, and guide them in their first steps towards building their teams.

This is the approach that allows our intervention to remain in harmony with the SFI training without interfering, slowing down the affiliate or pressuring them, at the risk of turning them away.

An important part of our training role is to guide and motivate our affiliate to take initiative, learn where to find answers to their questions, build independence, and be self reliant.

It is in our best interest to have affiliate who are resilient, self motivated, effective team builders, productive productive entrepreneurs and team players.

One thing we should avoid is to turn our affiliate into dependent people.

When we accomplish the above, we will have made great progress in our team building efforts in ways that are highly beneficial to our affiliates as well.


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