We are on the Movers list!

We are on the Movers list!

We are definitely on focused if we concentrate on holding our positions as Team Leaders, Sponsors, and Executive Affiliates. We accomplish this by following the basic structure laid before us by our Sponsors.

What this means is this; we may not have all of the capabilities we desire, but we just keep on pushing toward our goals while we maintain our focus. If we all are focused on building stronger teams we are in a sense duplicating the most important aspect of this SFI business.

Why is this a sure guarantee we are duplicating our Sponsor? This is the most important action we could be duplicating, because as we build our teams stronger we are also actively producing more momentum to move products from our TripleClicks store.

These products have been researched and share with us for a reason. We have selected the products which best support our team building strategy.

These products are displayed for everyone on our Facebook Team Support Fan Page Cover, our Facebook Team Group Support Site Cover, and also on my Personal Facebook Profile Cover.

This is my way of sharing what I do to help support you in our Team Building efforts. It works, it has been delivering all Movers, and Re-qualify EA Members between 2 – 7 New PSA Members every month!

Soon you too will be able to afford this strategy, and you will share it with your immediate team.

My obligation is to keep you supplied, and a personified Team Leader!

As your SFI Sponsor I do not require you to duplicate my style exactly as I do. It is only my way of expressing to our members how I supply additional support, and which products I have selected to support my immediate team. It is also acceptable to share what you/we are doing, and which products we have selected with our Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, and our immediate team members.

This practice will certainly become duplicable, and definitely will grow stronger teams. As we grow our teams we will in turn grow more income, we will re-invest our earnings back into the SFI business to support the growth of our teams.
This is what duplication is, whatever strategy we select, if it is growing stronger teams, it is duplication!


About Online Marketing Connection

Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/backtoschoolart
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