Building Strong Relationships is “Building Stronger Teams!”

Click on the images and watch us grow!

Don’t get caught up in just advertising, surround yourself with more information

The SFI Affiliates attached to the image above represent a growing marketing phenomena established

by serious SFI Team Members who have decided to get on board with us. These Affiliates are all on different teams. They are not all on my team. Many have read my online posts, and want to be there when we gain enough momentum to reap the benefits of strong team building leveraging.

Here is a perfect example of duplication, and what these members are doing is increasing strength by volume. They all represent a wealth of knowledge, and would not be here if this “Extreme marketing Strategy did not make sense, or if the felt SFI was a scam. Many losers have gone out of their way to ruin the reputation of SFI. I have been familiar with SFI for well over 12 years, and have the experience to realize this is a real business opportunity.

Included is my encouragement to those of you, along with my immediate team, have been hindered by the negative campaigns listed on Google Search, and many other popular search engines.

I want you to know, I have the opportunity to earn as much income as desired, but it does take work and effort. Once many realize these facts they drop out of the business and run negative campaigns against SFI to satisfy their lack of patience and ability to perform in an ethical environment.

To all of our “Strong Team Builders” wherever you may reside:


This is your SFI sponsor, Alvin Johnson reaching out to you, and thanking you all who have remained active for keeping our Team alive. There are many of you new to the team, some have just joined, others have been re-assigned.

The main purpose for this mailing is to help everyone understand what we are about, and where we plan to go. I have shared with most of you my intentions and purpose. Let me get right to the point. I have done much research for many years in effort to get where I am today. 14 years ago, while surfing online, many business opportunities passed before me.

I knew nothing about online marketing, and never heard of the possibility to work from home. As these opportunities began to increase in display on my screen, my attention was attracted to this possibility to earn income online. I found many affiliates were very aggressive, and in the process sent messages to me I never requested wanting me to join their business opportunity.

I also noticed many were promoting their opportunities to affiliates who were already in some sort of online business opportunity, and even though I had not joined any it was quite disturbing and irritating at times. What I want to stress to you with SFI there is no reason to advertise in this manner. SFI has made it very convenient for us, and with all the added extras we all can earn an income online without sending out unsolicited messages to people we do not know.

I worked very hard; not only for myself, but for those I felt were like me wanting to learn more about how to accomplish this without being a nuisance online. Believe me, I tried to make doing the same things I seen them doing, but all it did was ruin my online reputation.

One day, after pondering over and over how it could be possible, I began to think more about those I realized were doing it wrong, and decided to focus on those like myself, and learn how to do it right, and bring as many along with me as I could. You see what has proven to be the most successful portion of my online experiences is when I took the focus off myself, and focused more on helping others.

To this day I reap the rewards of making this decision 12 years ago. I’m hoping you follow me here. I know we all want to earn income. This is the very reason why we joined. Until we learn to think like a servant, and become Affiliates who share, we will struggle. We will end up dropping out thinking the whole opportunity was nothing but a scam. Take some time out, and Google search SFI, and you will see many losers have gone out of their way to give SFI a bad reputation.

Do not allow these negative campaigns hinder your success. Running a business takes hard work and effort. It is much more difficult if we refuse to learn enough to share with others. You see my mission was not just set on learning for myself. All of those years of online research were spent learning how to help others who struggled like me.

My sponsor has given to me the key to success, and this is all we need to become successful at this business. I’m sharing with you in this letter what she shared with me. What I’m about to share with you is simple. I know there is much information to cover with this business, do not be overwhelmed. Everything will fall into place as we grow together.

What my sponsored shared with me is to just focus on building stronger teams, and as you will note I have displayed this all over in my marketing campaign. Focus on only building stronger teams, and helping them grow stronger is all is expected of you as our main goal. Now in saying this, I will also add this question; “Is this too difficult?”

My answer is; No it’s not!” We have made this very simple, so let’s keep it this way. Knowing my expectation is for everyone to focus on this one thing, and that this business opportunity is real, we have no problem duplicating this strategy.

To make it easier for you, knowing it will take some time to grasp this business concept, I have created a few incentives to help support you along the way. All I ask from you is to treat this just like a job. We all know on a traditional job we work full time or part time usually. This means we are required to be on the job at least 4 – 8 hours every day, unless something unavoidable interrupts our commitment.

In fact this is one of the first questions I ask my prospective affiliates. If they tend to show reluctance to this fact, I have no time for them. Getting back to the main reason why this mailing is sent out to you; I have decided to help you grow your team. This is the only way you will learn the full function of this business. Without team members we will never know how to communicate with them, we will not have a reason to become Team Leaders, and frankly, we will not know how we earn income.

This is where the contest comes in. We have been running this “Strong Team Building Contest” since April. You will find this information provided for you on my “Leadership Blog” and also posted on my “Stream” so everyone has the same opportunity to gain access to this information.

I realize you will not be able to duplicate everything I do. This is why I have selected to invest in your team building also. This will give you members to help you learn the business as you grow your team. The only duplication Loris shared with me was to concentrate mainly on “Building Stronger Teams” and Building “Strong & Fast Income!”

I know you can duplicate this also, because my pattern is simple, as you will learn soon. The rest will be considered my gifts to you!

Now let’s get this really seriously awesome!

This is all I need from you:

More participation is required for those who need more advertising support.

This means we need blogs, websites, and fan pages, created by our Team Members. This is how your advertising will be promoted by your Sponsor/Co-Sponsor.

Our Team Members also need to have their secret Facebook group support site in place to communicate effectively and efficiently with their immediate teams.

Once each of us has just these few items in place, we will be well on our way to “Building Stronger Teams!” and (“Building”) “Strong & Fast Income!”

Yes, I will begin posting your links in various places. On my own social media sites there is room to include you as the future brings us closer to more earnings.

Let me know you have completed these tasks.

I can be notified many ways if you have been in communication with me you already know!

Do not miss this opportunity.

Those who participate in the SFI Forum, ASK SC, Daily Grand, Zebra Games, (at least one TCredit per day) Fast Track, establish Standing Order, ( New Member Pack, S-Builder Co-op, Proprofit 12 Month Plan, TCredits – 125 pack) will always remain on the “Movers List” and re-qualify as EA each month.

These are those who will also “Build Stronger Teams” because of this activity listed here, will also be always considered “Strong Team Builders” and remain successful as performance develops promoting SFI through our TripleClicks ECAs.

We are only focused on team building. We re-invest our earnings back into our business accordingly. This means our earnings will always be re-invested back into our business by purchasing more products with currency and credits, whether TCredits, MRP Credits, or TCurrency.

Even while playing Zebra games, our focus is; “how will this activity help us grow our business by building up or teams?”

Set attainable goals, remain focused on our main goals, never loose sight of our vision for future goals.

Action = Points, Points = Credits, Credits = Cash!

Spend our time wisely, as we also spend our earnings.

My goal is to re-invest by adding one extra team building purchase from my selection of ECAs. These will be mainly visitor traffic, and much of it to my gateways, websites, and blogs.

Once my earnings increase, more investments to increase profit using Facebook fan pages booster ads.

By next year these investments will be supported by more professional advertisers outside of SFI, along with Our TripleClicks ECAs.

If you are following me closely, you will benefit, as I will also be advertising your links. Some of you are there already. Many of you are lagging. I have paced the direction of my own goals accordingly as to bring as many of my “Strong Team Builders” along with me.

Please follow the access link to SFI “Strong Team Builders” at TripleClicks below:

Get connected, keep up with our activities, and learn how you too can become successful with this SFI business through our TripleClicks store.
We have the blueprint, a “Master-Plan for Success!”
I’m here for you each day you come online. If you can’t reach me it is suggested you send an email.

Please note:
As re-assigned Affiliates are transferred down to Team Leaders we will experience excessive shifts in positions as new members are re-assigned. Some of the re-assigned Affiliates are active, and bring several Versa Points with them.

During this shifting period it is very difficult to keep everyone informed of their current positions. This is where we are currently. Because of this unstable condition, posting of the Movers List will be delayed. This could mean several days.

Please consider this to mean posting of the Movers List may be delayed until after the first week of September.

Thank you for remaining active!


Alvin Johnson
SFI Bronze Team Leader

SFI TripleClicks Building Strong Relationships is “Building Stronger Teams!”

Mastering Duplication does not just mean copy our Sponsor; Here’s how!

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