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August 20th, 2015 at 12:40 pm(Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

I want to clarify something for the critics of SFI. Experiences taught me to listen to what others are saying, but never think as they do. In other words, we can follow the direction of our own, or take the path of someones illusions.

In saying this, I joined SFI 3 times and quit due to these comments like what is posted here, and also thinking I needed a Sponsor, because each time I joined the sponsor never responded to, or sent me any information.

Now, here’s what you fail to realize. SFI has not made any false statements with any claim, and whether or not they paid $800.00 to obtain BBB certification has nothing to do with what I have experienced.

The ones at the top are not the only ones making money,and with so many inactive Affiliates who fall for these negative tactics thinking the way you do is pure nonsense.

It depends on the individual, the confidence,commitment, dedication, persistence and diligence is never functional at the same level as in others.

These areas are levels where negative thoughts and thinkers never achieve.

I never invested one cent, and collected income unknowingly. All I did was watch videos, and read from others who where high achievers, these are easy to find by the stack of badges on their profile.

After recognition of the status of many successful SFI Affiliates, and the surprise earnings on my debit card from SFI, I did not mind making an investment, and begin investing my earning back into the business.

Yes, time is money, but money also takes time, and most do not have the tenacity to achieve success, so they pitch out scam jesters to hide behind. Fact is they lack what it takes. Myself I’m doing rather well after 10 months in this business.

Yes, we work our way to the top to make money!

These are those at the top the naysayers fail to realize.

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Review Reference: I’ve Tried That*

“Now try this!”

Solarstone & IKO – Once (Alex M.O.R.P.H Remix) Black Hole Recordings

Published on Aug 10, 2015

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