Welcome to our monthly newsletter devoted exclusively to SFI “Strong Team Builders”, and Leaders!

Greetings, SFI Team Leaders!

Welcome to our monthly newsletter devoted exclusively to SFI Team Leaders. As a TL, you’re an essential part of what makes SFI the best and fastest growing business opportunity in the world! Team Leaders exemplify what the SFI opportunity is all about: success through teamwork!

Each month, the Team Leader newsletter brings you the strategies, guidelines, and how-to’s you need to continue to grow as an effective leader, sponsor an active team of PSAs and CSAs, and earn MAJOR monthly income through SFI.



Introducing…the CSA Exchange!

New Genealogy feature: Send E-Cards directly to your affiliates

Powerful new tool…Cash Welcomes!

Spring Leadership Challenge Winners

New All-Time VP badge!

TIP: Tapping into your Upline

New Leadership Challenge requirement



Being a Team Leader

Here are some important things to remember about being an SFI Team Leader:

There’s no reason for being a Team Leader unless you actually have a team! That is, all of the major financial benefits of being a Team Leader are derived from the override commissions (i.e., Matching VP) you earn on your team members. Sure, it’s nice to have the prestigious rank of Team Leader, but it’s a title only essentially if you don’t actually have a team built under you to earn Team Leader commissions on.

Therefore, if you want to be a Team Leader in SFI, your focus (besides meeting your own EA qualifications of course) must be on recruiting affiliates and teaching them to become EAs and Team Leaders themselves (i.e. duplication).

This focus ALSO naturally earns you the points you need to maintain your Team Leader rank.

Provided you are at least an EA2 yourself, as shown on your To-Do List (www.sfimg.com/Home?tab=to-do_list), you will earn:

* 100 VP for each of your PSAs each month who are at least an EA2
* 200 VP for each of your PSAs each month who is a BTL
* 300 VP for each of your PSAs each month who is a STL
* 400 VP for each of your PSAs each month who is a GTL
* 500 VP for each of your PSAs each month who is a PTL
* 600 VP for each of your PSAs each month who is a DTL


* Get 5 of your PSAs to EA2 and you’ll earn 500 VP every month that can be applied to your own Team Leader qualifications.

* Get 10 of your PSAs to EA2 and you’ll earn 1000 VP every month that can be applied to your own Team Leader qualifications.

* Get 5 of your PSAs to BTL and you’ll earn 1000 VP every month that can be applied to your own Team Leader qualifications.

* Get 10 of your PSAs to BTL and you’ll earn 2000 VP every month that can be applied to your own Team Leader qualifications.

In short, focus on building a team of EAs and Team Leaders. Do so and you’ll soon naturally earn the VP you need to qualify as a Team Leader yourself every month. And instead of just having a TITLE, you can also be earning THOUSANDS of Matching VP (not only on your PSAs, but also on all the EA2 in your entire group, including all your CSAs)!



What tips do you give to your PSAs in your welcome letter to them?
84 answers (top authors: Idriss A Diaw, Anup kumar Nag, David Bryant )

What is the most important daily activity that SFI Team Leaders should engage in?
52 answers(top authors: Jose Gonzalez, Alan Quinn, John Smith)

Now that I have acquired Bronze Team Leader status with 3,000 VP, how can I maintain my monthly 3,000 VP and BTL status?
38 answers(top authors: Lali Mwachanya, Ayinde Gbenga, MInh Ngoc Nguyen Thi)

What is the best way to become a Team Leader?
59 answers(top authors: Cherry Thorpe, Dusan Boskovic, Romeo Bedleg)

What is the best strategy to become a Platinum Team Leader?
48 answers(top authors: Sasa Durovic, Fatima Omercic, Robertson Dsilva)


Ask SC taps into the wealth of knowledge of SFI’s more than a million affiliates worldwide, with 45,975 answers to 683 business-boosting questions. To see more questions and answers about leadership and team building from the SFI community, go to:





The SFI Genealogy (https://www.sfimg.com/Reports/Genealogy) has many powerful features and capabilities. Following is an overview to help you get the most out of this vital report for your SFI business.

First, you’ll notice the top of your Genealogy page contains an “info box” split into three parts. The left side of the box contains the number of affiliates contained in each generation in your downline. The center section contains fields in which you’ll be able to select your Genealogy sorts and filters. The right section of the info box contains links to this article, as well as the “Affiliate Manager Power Tips” article and your upline contact page. You’ll also see an option for group e-mailing, which we go over later in this article.

Follow the link below to read the full article:




Your Leadership Page (https://www.sfimg.com/Resources/LeadershipManager) is your CENTRAL LOCATION for providing support to your PSAs and CSAs.

The LP includes:

1. Your photo and a brief greeting in which you can provide a bio of yourself and let your downline members know how you can assist them.

2. A section displaying all of your SFI badges.

3. Contact information, including a link to TeamMail, so your affiliates can contact you.

4. A blog you can use to instruct, motivate, and inspire your team.

5. Recommendations where you can list SFI services and resources you recommend. You can also list up to five of your favorite products from TripleClicks. The TripleClicks ECAs you connect with are also automatically listed.

6. Recognition. In this section, you can recognize and honor affiliates on your team.

7. “My Best Tip.” Your best tip for everyone in your downline.

8. A “Rewards/Incentives” section where you can set up contests for your team to motivate them and provide specific, actionable goals. You set the specifications for each of your contests (who is eligible to enter, what the qualifications to win are, the starting and ending dates, restrictions, and of course the prize–which can be TCredits, PSA reassignments, or gift certificates). With just a few clicks, and literally in just a minute or two, you can set up a contest any time you want. And when your downline members go to your LP, all contests they are eligible for will be automatically presented to them to enter!

NOTE: For a sample completed LP for fictitious SFI affiliate “Joe Sponsor,” see this page:


If you haven’t checked out your LP yet or visited it recently, take a moment NOW and set it up or update your content. Your LP is there to help you provide support, strengthen your team, and build a stronger business!

For more information on your Leadership page, see the FAQs:




Maximize your income and success in SFI. Attain the prestigious rank of Diamond Team Leader (DTL) and become one of SFI’s top earners!

DTL requirements are simple:

* 1500 personal SVP (Sales VersaPoints)
* Develop 5 PTLs (Platinum Team Leaders) on your first level

In addition to bragging rights for attaining the highest rank in SFI and the handsome income that five first level PTLs bring, DTLs also earn DOUBLE Matching VP on their 12th generation affiliates.

Check out the simple 6-step plan now:




The SFI Forum is one of our most powerful resources for Affiliates all over the world. Featuring in-depth discussions of SFI news, products, programs, and more, the Forum lets SFI affiliates brainstorm, share tips and ideas, get questions answered 24/7, and more!

As an SFI Team Leader, YOU have attained some success in SFI and have valuable experience and wisdom to share with your fellow affiliates. And the more TLs contributing to the forum, the more powerful a resource it becomes, the more Affiliate activity companywide, the more revenue will be generated, the larger the TripleClicks Executive Pool grows…and the larger YOUR commissions become!

If you’re not already posting at the Forum, take a moment right now and check it out!




Leadership Manager

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SFI Forum

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SFI Ranking Benefits Chart

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The PSA Mailer

The CSA Mailer:

TL Support


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Ph 402-434-8480, Fax 402-434-8483

– Questions? Do not reply directly to this e-mail. Instead, go to our Support Desk at: https://support.sfimg.com

– Not sure how to get started with SFI? Go to: https://www.sfimg.com/start


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