Donna Yule, You exemplify what it takes to “Aim High, and Dream Big!”
Thanks for your

I want to take this opportunity to commend Donna Yule for her dedication not only to SFI/TripleClicks, but to our SFI Family of Affiliates who have also decided to pick up the pace as “Strong Team Builders” on the Pinterest social media site.

Her persistence has delivered not only an extreme contribution to her own immediate team, but the demonstration of dedicated service to the SFI Community is recognized as superb, and above the expected.

Donna was a struggling Affiliate who was overwhelmed with frustration when we met. She stated her own Sponsor was active, but was not well versed in supporting her efforts. Sharing what I do with Donna, turned out to be well beyond what was sought.

Keeping in regular contact with me on a daily basis was not a problem for Donna as she wanted to learn what I was about, and requested my sharing of the business concept and goals I had adopted.

What Donna has developed is a movement across many lines of dedicated SFI Affiliates who too recognized the power in creating a leveraged sharing environment among like-minded individuals who dare to succeed in this business opportunity.

Donna has stimulated a growing sharing environment out of her selfless motivation causing a ripple effect on the Internet that will continue to grow well beyond our lifetime. What was intended has developed into one of the most extreme marketing strategies among all efforts ever witnessed online.

My followers have increased by between 6 and 10 new followers a day, and from this persistent attitude she embraces, we are growing our teams. We all make mistakes, as in Donna’s situation, her dedication was almost damaged due to several free loaders who attempted to ease in marketing activity which had nothing to do with our SFI business opportunity.

Already recognizing her hard work and efforts, it was necessary to pull her coat to the confusion which was endangering the immediate goal. Donna cleaned up all of this huge collage of enter-mingled outsider interference, which was not easy, which took her several months to achieve satisfaction, but Donna accomplished the mission, and you will be amazed at the activity she has stimulated online.

Donna, I commend you for your dedicated service to the SFI Community. You have taken a dream well beyond intention, and will remain many steps above the crowd.

Big Huge Ups go out to you Donna Yule!

You demonstrate what it takes to go beyond your dreams. Thank you for showering us all with your selfless support.

You exemplify what it takes to “Aim High, and Dream Big!”

Thank you so much for your dedicated support!

~ Sincerely ~

Your online SFI Partner and close friend.

Grateful “SFI Strong Team Builder”

Alvin Johnson

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Alvin J

United States

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Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter:
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One Response to Donna Yule, You exemplify what it takes to “Aim High, and Dream Big!”

  1. dyule2014 says:

    Thank you Alvin Johnson this is so wonderful your words are so expiring and full of Motivation Aim High Dream Big


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