Good news. We have received the following SFI Commitment Message for you!

We all love to receive the commitment announcement from SFI that our “Newly Joined” Affiliate is ready for success!
We must respond accordingly:


This is your Sponsor, Alvin Johnson welcoming you again!

You have joined our SFI Team at a very exciting opportune time.

I have received the following alert from our headquarter company stating you are ready to go, and I’m delighted to share with you what is in store for you as you prepare for your future with SFI and our TripleClicks ECA store.

Please read over your commitment below:

Hi Alvin,

I have recently joined your SFI marketing team and am ready to become active in SFI. As my sponsor, I welcome your assistance in helping me build a strong and profitable SFI business. I look forward to working with you and I’m ready to go!


Additional information for you the SFI Sponsor:

* Our new Affiliate would like you to contact him/her.
* If you have any reassignments available, Our new Affiliate is ready to support them.
* Our new Affiliate would like to get the details on your co-op (if you haven’t yet started your own co-op, see: )
* On a scale of 1-10 (10 is best), Our new Affiliate gives SFI a rating of 9.
* Our new Affiliate has added this personal note/comment:

“Yes I would like that”



Here we go!

At this time I realize everything is new for you. To keep you from becoming frustrated or overwhelmed with the information, it is my recommendation you pace yourself on a daily basis.

The information you have already received from me is enough for you for now. Just use it until you are comfortable navigating the menu at our Affiliate Center, completing the “Daily Tasks” and the “To-Do List” and make time to be there every day. You will see progress, and realize the value in every action you take every day.

You can go over “Getting Started”, and SFI “Basics” anytime along the way, and I’m sure you have not completed the 30 lessons along with the quizzes on our “Launchpad” as of yet.

You can also go over Launchpad at any time along your career here with SFI! We have found this to be very beneficial keeping us focused on doing this business over time.

Our main focus is “Building Strong Teams”, which as your Sponsor will support you with this.

How will I accomplish helping you build your Team?

This is where it gets exciting!

Remember above you wanted to know about our Co-op? (Our new Affiliate would like to get the details on your co-op (if you haven’t yet started your own co-op, see: )

Yes, as your Sponsor I have set up our “Team Building” Co-op with the “S-Builder Co-op” cost $24.00, and “Proprofit” cost $25.00 found at our TripleClicks ECA store. These two co-ops help me supply a rewarding 2 New PSA Members to my “Movers”, and 5 New PSA Members for qualifying as EA each month.

That means I support you with 7 New PSA Members each month as you reach these two goals!

This is something I do for all of my Team Members who remain active every day on our “Movers List” (which you are now participating in), by logging in everyday, and for qualifying as EA each month.

If you wish to participate in our “Team Building Contest” You must qualify as EA every month. This is very important. All you are required to do is follow the simple instructions you have already received from me each day, and I guarantee you to be qualified.

By keeping above the “Green Line” and maintaining at least “1500 VPs” every month you will re-qualify every month as an EA, and you then can participate in our “Team Building Contest” and win at least 7 New PSA Members each month you qualify.

You will find this information here: Rewards/Incentives

So, next month plan on qualifying, and I will share with you how to participate.

This is enough information for you at this time to keep you successful.

Do not worry. I’m here for you. The best way to communicate with me is to reply to every email you receive from me, you will not miss out on important information as you progress with our SFI company.

Be patient, do not give up, and you will meet success!

That’s it!

Keep in touch, let me know you have received this information, and I will be ready to share with you your progress, and the next steps to follow.

Action = Points, Points = Credits, Credits = Cash!

To our success!
Alvin Johnson

  2,300 VP Standing Order

S-Builder/Team Builder

One of the things I really love about SFI is that there’s never any purchase or sales requirements.
Radio SFI:  Find out what we are all about on SFI Radio!
Al Johnson
Online Marketing Connection

Independent Marketing Executive


About Online Marketing Connection

Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter:
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