What are the best ways to recruit good, new affiliates?

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What are the best ways to recruit good, new affiliates?

Fabrizio Perotti (France)
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I have no doubt about this: co-op marketing is definitely the best way to make your business grow–right form the start, especially right from the start!

Why is this?

I think that Network Marketing had a weak point that used to scare the majority of people, particularly the newbees. It’s when you were obliged to involve friends and family or cold contacts, in a business that you didn’t know yet. Even before having earned a single dime, when you’re conviction is still very fragile.

That’s the main reason why people quit or never get started and your downline never grows up.

Another weak aspect of involving family, friends in your new business when you still have not earned anything, is that in the best scenario, they join your opportunity just to do you a favor and not because they are really interested in starting a new business in that particular moment. Otherwise they would have already started one. So may be they join but then it’s really rare that they become active.

Rather, it’s totally different when, since the beginning, or even before starting your new business, you know that getting affiliates, won’t be a problem at all. In fact, if you know that investing a few tens of dollars per month in cooperative marketing, allows you to have a steady stream of new Affiliates every month, among whom you can find those 5 serious ones you’re looking for, wouldn’t you be more motivated and enthusiast in planning your business’s growth? Of course you would.

And how your duplication rate would improve? For sure much more than just waiting for your lazy friends and family to get active and start sponsoring people or produce sales. Why? Just because it’s much easier and has much more appeal a business where you can easily get affiliates investing some little money rather than having to face the fears of NOs and spend your time as a manager of your business, rather than as a recruiter.

Do I mean that all the affiliates you’ll get from a serious and reliable co-op will be active? Of course not! Because you cannot control people’s mind and you will find all kind of minds out there. Even those who are REALLY interested in making money online, not necessarily are willing to do something, or are willing to overcome the little obstacles they could find on their way.

Do I mean that you do not have to sponsor absolutely nobody out of the co-op? No. It’s up to you. If you feel comfortable in sponsoring using some of the useful method taught in the SFI training it’s absolutely fine. Especially once you’ve already started to make money. But your question was about “the best ways to sponsor.” Well, co-oping is in my opinion the very best way to sponsor.

So, how to participate to a co-op marketing initiative? It’s very easy: just go to TripleClicks.com and type in the search field some key words like “advertising share.” Many results will pop up. Choose the best option for you and proceed.

Once you’ll receive your PSAs, of course, it will be fundamental to follow up efficiently and become a real “awesome sponsor” as taught in the SFI training here: https://www.sfimg.com/Training/AwesomeSponsor

Remember that even just one good Affiliate, who will duplicate your method, could easily produce hundreds of dollars per month and generate a very high return on your investment.


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