We are Global “Strong Team Builders”, Building Stronger Teams!

How we do it:

Learning about this business before you decide to join may be your best option. Just hover over the photo above, and tap your mouse with a left click. You can begin training immediately at Radio SFI! I find it helpful to return here often and review these training videos even after joining.

Our Strategy:

Price: $24.00 Item No: 38631 Status: In Stock

What is S-Builder?

S-Builder is our international, multi-channel advertising co-op available to all SFI affiliates, giving you the ability to accelerate your path to success by purchasing shares.

Just as a small fire produces little heat, small actions produce small results. With S-Builder, you can turn up the heat as hot as you want and propel your business forward.

By investing in S-Builder, you’ll be part of a worldwide advertising campaign utilizing:

– Magazines & Newspapers
– Mobile Devices (Cellphones, iPads, etc.)
– The Internet (banner ads, blogs, pay-per-click, etc.)
– And More (media, such as TV and radio)

No Time? No Experience? No problem!

Here we can start small, and grow large by pacing ourselves along the way for future investments in our business. Become a Team leader by investing in a Fast-Track Plan we can afford. You decide!

How Fast-Track Works at all levels:

Featured Items


This 50 PSAs pack is what you need to start right away your “12-month Plan BOOSTER” Strategy.

Here’s how it works:

– ACTIVATE “Prosperman videos” IMMEDIATELY!
It’s our advanced and unique video follow-up system for all your PSAs: as soon as you receive the “New PSA Notification” email, forward it without changing anything, to – newsletter@prosperman.biz –

This extraordinary service is specifically designed to help you increase the ratio of active PSAs and it’s brought to you by Proprofit FOR FREE!


Quantity Price Each TOTAL
S-Builder Co-op Unit

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Radio SFI

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10 PSAs GUARANTEED + 5 for FREE !!

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TCredits – 125 pack — Special Standing Order only, $36.25 (reg. price $52.50)

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PSAs To Go (Special Offer!)

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!! 50 PSAs GUARANTEED Special + Prosperman VIDEO Follow-up System

ITEM# 408585 | VP: 365.00

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$10.00 $10
2738.00 VP TOTAL | SUBTOTAL: $158.19

As we grow our Teams, we also grow our income. We re-invest our income back into the business to increase profit. We develop our advertising budget according to our Wish List and use our Wish List to select products which support growth in income and for developing our SFI Team Building strategy. We purchase products and services from our TripleClicks store as we grow the business.

Your Role In SFI

Being A Sponsor/Co-Sponsor: What It Means

First and foremost: Be a friend! And be a mentor!

SFI’s job is to provide the infrastructure for building your business. YOUR JOB, as a sponsor (or a co-sponsor) to those individuals in your team, is to provide the personal, one-on-one relationships so vital to your home-business success.

Make sure every AFFILIATE you sponsor has checked out the actions outlined in the To-Do List at their SFI homepage. Assist them as they proceed through these steps! Make sure their questions are answered. GETTING STARTED IS THE HARDEST PART OF ANY JOURNEY. Your job as a sponsor or a co-sponsor is to be available to your team members. Make sure that you are there to offer friendly guidance and support in a timely manner as your personally sponsored affiliates (PSAs) start out on their journey.

Note! NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, at least half of your affiliates will NOT become successful.

This is not a reflection of you or SFI. It’s just the hard, cold reality that most people will not make the commitment and do the work necessary to succeed. Accept and acknowledge this.


In short, support your affiliates, be there for them as much as you can (especially at the start), but don’t waste time trying to get people to do something who clearly aren’t motivated.

Instead, and this is VERY IMPORTANT—when you identify someone on your team who IS motivated, someone who IS willing to learn and apply themselves to achieve success, CONNECT WITH THEM WITHOUT DELAY! These are diamonds in the rough! Make sure they have everything they need.


How can I be an awesome sponsor and create big income duplication?


Scoring VersaPoints and generating sales at TripleClicks.com are a great way to earn money with SFI. To create a MAJOR monthly income stream, however, you’ve got to lead and grow a team of active SFI affiliates and tap into the ultimate jewel in SFI’s compensation plan–VersaPoints Matching.

VersaPoints Matching means that every month you can get matching shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool on every affiliate under you within up to 12 generations downline (and on every one of your Co-Sponsored Affiliates, too). In other words, for every VP they earn, YOU can earn matching VP!

Many SFI affiliates earn THOUSANDS of matching shares EACH MONTH on the activities of HUNDREDS of affiliates! YOU can join them by following the guidelines provided in this article.

Tip: Print this article out and go through each item one by one. How many of the 24 DOs are you employing in your SFI business to create monthly growth? How many of the 8 DON’Ts are you guilty of that may be sabotaging your success? We’ve provided you with the guidelines, now it’s up to YOU.


1. DO, first and foremost, always lead by example. Do all the things that you want your downline members to do, and they will follow your lead. Learn more.

2. DO offer and provide robust support to you downline always. Never forget that YOU succeed only if THEY succeed. Learn more.

3. DO “work with the workers” and never forget this critical principle. Learn more.

4. DO fully complete your Leadership Page, and then keep it fresh by checking it at least weekly for needed updates and/or for adding new content.

5. DO send out a weekly newsletter to your entire downline and CSAs. You can use the group mailer in your Genealogy, the PSA Mailer, and/or CSA Mailer. Tip: Not sure what to say? Pick and choose from the numerous sample messages provided HERE. Another tip: Don’t expect lots of responses. Instead, stay focused on publishing valuable information each week. Remember, most people are highly skeptical that they can make money on the Internet. Over time, your consistency will demonstrate that SFI is real, that you’re real, and then they’ll want to jump in. Think of your weekly newsletters as follow-ups. In the advertising world, it’s well-known that most people have to be exposed to something at least 10 times before they even notice it…and often many times more before they will take action such as making a purchase. Use this knowledge to your advantage with a regular, weekly newsletter!

6. DO include your Leadership Page URL in all correspondence with your team (the URL is http://www.sfimg.com/leadership/{$affiliate->sfiid}), and encourage your team members to visit your Leadership Page regularly. For example, always include it in your weekly newsletter something like, Visit my Leadership Page for the latest tips, contests, and more for our team at: http://www.sfimg.com/leadership/{$affiliate->sfiid}.

7. DO set up contests using your Leadership Page “Rewards/Incentives” section. This will be a GREAT way to to motivate your team by providing specific, actionable goals. You can set the specifications for each of your contests (who is eligible to enter, what the qualifications to win are, the starting and ending dates, restrictions, and of course the prize—which can be TCredits, PSA reassignments, or gift certificates). When your downline members go to your LP, all contests they are eligible for will be automatically presented to them to enter! Also, be sure to test different types of contests for different segments of your team, such as EAs only or affiliates only or PSAs only. Then PROMOTE your contests regularly in your newsletters, Stream postings, etc.

8. DO post a message on your SFI home page’s Stream tab at least every three days. Major announcements or deep thoughts are unnecessary. Instead, post a brief word of encouragement, a short tip or insight, a favorite quote, a quick comment regarding a recent SFI news item, a thank you, recognition of team members who have reached a milestone, or just a description of what you’re doing to build your SFI business today.

9. DO answer all e-mails you receive from your team members within 24 hours–sooner if possible.

10. DO think big and act boldly. Learn more.

11. DO regularly check My Movers and/or your Genealogy for team members who are online at the SFI Affiliate Center. Start up conversations with them.

12. DO, when you receive an e-mail notification of a new PSA, click the included link and see if they are online now. If so, don’t waste a second; start up an “SFIM” online chat with them. Start with a Hi, I’m your SFI sponsor, {YOUR NAME}. Welcome to SFI! Can I help you to get started? This is one of the absolute best ways to connect with a new PSA and start them on the road to success in SFI (which, of course, adds to your success).

13. DO encourage your affiliates to use a2a to find SFI’ers in their region–especially if they live in countries other than yours. “Locals” may know about the culture, marketing, etc., that works there—things you may not be aware of. You can also help your international affiliates find good locals by identifying them yourself and then forwarding to them the URL of their Affiliate Snapshot. From the Affiliate Snapshot, they can become a2a friends by simply clicking the a2a Friend Request button located under the photo. Tip: Build a list of top international a2a’ers on your own “Top Friends” list to refer your affiliates to. Example: You gain a new PSA from Indonesia. Go to your Top Friends list, click the name of one of the Indonesians you’ve added. Now copy the URL of their Affiliate Snapshot and send it to your new PSA and encourage them to request a2a friendship with your Indonesian a2a friend.

14. DO use your SFI badges to lead by example. Remember, when your team members visit your Leadership Page (or view your Affiliate Snapshot), your badges are displayed to them. Your team members will do as you do. Hence, make sure everything you want them to do you’ve got the badge for on YOUR page…such as: Fast Track, Standing Order, a high Power Rank, a high VP leaderboard rank, W3 membership, E365 finalist, S-Builder, etc. If your page isn’t sporting these badges, don’t expect your downline members to work for them either. Lead by example!

15. DO work with and cheer on all your PSAs who are currently in the E365 contest. Just go to the E365 Leaderboard and select “My PSAs.” Tip: Clicking their name will display their Affiliate Snapshot. Their Snapshot contains specific details on their current status in the E365 contest–as well as a link to their VP Ledger so you can see what points are available to them. Use this information to personalize your support messages to them.

16. DO also work with and cheer on all your CSAs who are currently in the E365 contest. Just go to the E365 Leaderboard and select “My CSAs.” See previous “DO” for additional tips you can use with your CSAs in the E365 contest.

17. DO write a good “My Best Tip” and make sure it’s spell checked and the grammar is correct. Your downline will be seeing your tip on your Affiliate Snapshot and Leadership Page. This is a one of the best places to show your team what kind of leader you are. Add/edit your tip HERE.

18. DO spend a few minutes every day at the SFI Forum. Be visible to the SFI community as a whole and to your downline, especially by posting regularly. Share tips and answer questions that are posted. Show your downline that you’re a leader at the Forum too.

19. DO recognize the good works and milestones of your team members. Everyone likes to have their accomplishments recognized! You can use a combination of venues, including the Recognition section of your Leadership Page, the Recognition section at the SFI Forum, your weekly newsletters, and TeamTalk posts on Stream. Recognize new affiliates, new EAs, and new Team Leaders. Recognize milestones, such as: first PSA sign-up; first PRM sign-up; first TripleClicks sale; and achieving the rank of Fast-Track Member, EA, and EA2. Recognize the advancements of your PSAs in the Entrepreneur365 Challenge, etc. Learn more.

20. DO reassign PSAs. Here’s the strategy we recommend: Using My Movers and/or your Genealogy, identify your five best, most active PSAs. You want to help each of these five become a PTL (Platinum Team Leader). Reassign equally all of your other PSAs under these five…and let them know what you’ve done. Note: Don’t fret about doing these reassignments. You can earn Matching VP (override income) on every person you reassign so you can still directly benefit from all of their actions. Assuming you’ve chosen your five potential leaders well, you now have five very excited PSAs who are now even more motivated to work and build their SFI businesses. PLUS, by narrowing everything down to five people, you can put the immense power of FOCUS to work for you. Be at their beck and call, and work with each of your five PSAs closely, ideally on a daily basis. This is where you’ll create the momentum that manifests in ever-larger monthly commissions. Note: If you don’t yet have five go-getters, start with two or three. You can always add people later. Must you stop with five? No, but you can earn a massive income with just 5 to 10 superstar PSAs, so don’t spread yourself too thin going any wider on your front line. More on this topic here. TIP: Also consider removing potential communication barriers by reassigning PSAs from non-English speaking countries to active Affiliates in your downline from those same countries or who speak the same language. Learn more.

21. DO run an advertising co-op for your team if you can. Use SFI’s Co-op Manager; it does all the heavy lifting and makes setting up and maintaining a team co-op simple and easy.

22. DO add your own creativity to your marketing. “In the years before we launched SFI, I ALWAYS created my own marketing tools to promote the companies I was associated with, and it was a major reason for my success,” says SFI Founder, Gery Carson. Yes, you must stay within the boundaries of SFI’s advertising policies, but there is plenty of room to add your own touches, your own story, your own style, to create marketing that works for YOU.

23. DO view and browse all Forum posts of your PSAs and CSAs. Your PSAs and CSAs are the lifeblood of your team, and they’ll appreciate seeing their sponsor or co-sponsor on the Forum and responding to their posts. Just click the Profile tab at the SFI Forum for a listing of your PSA and CSA posts.

23. DO read every day. Always remember that leaders are readers! Learn more.

24. DO review “The Plan” for reaching the rank of DTL and maximizing your success and income with SFI.

25. DO apply and use the SFI Rules Of Success at all times!


1. DON’T set up an autoresponder or canned text for replying to team members who’ve contacted you. Doing so is a MAJOR turn-off and is absolutely counter to how you achieve success in SFI. Duplication and big commissions are built on the creation and maintaining of good, strong relationships with your team members. You cannot build a relationship by ignoring someone or substituting the personal touch with automation.

2. DON’T twist people’s arms about “upgrading” or becoming an EA. Do this and you may actually get the OPPOSITE result! Learn what you SHOULD be emphasizing HERE.

3. DON’T do actions that you don’t want your downline to emulate. Remember, as spelled out in the first “DO” above, your downline follows your lead—good OR bad! If your downline gets the impression that YOU do nothing, they’ll likely do the same…NOTHING.

4. DON’T set up a support Website for your team unless you are prepared to keep it up to date (SFI is constantly evolving and adding programs/features).

5. DON’T be sloppy and unprofessional in your communications with your team members. Leaders get the details right.

6. DON’T major in minors. Learn more.

7. DON’T do things for your affiliates that they should do themselves—or you will create “dependents.”

8. DON’T waste your time on skeptics and non-motivated people. You and SFI can only provide the track for them to run on. You cannot drag people across the finish line. They have to want it for themselves. Always focus on the workers. Learn more.

Support them with passion! If you do so, someday they may make you rich!

Action = Points, Points = Credits, Credits = Cash!

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