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Why should I invest in SFI?

Reference: https://www.sfimg.com/Home?tab=ask_sc_all_answers&sfiid=14960371&pg=3

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Alvin Johnson, EA2 (Michigan, US) 12/22/2014 3:01 pm

Affiliate since: 10/07/2014, Power Rank: 1625
Great question.

This is the question many are very confused over.
I have been reading various answers on here, and for the first time selected no for my rating at least 4 times as to was this a good answer.

The answers given were for sure clearly expressing a wave of confusion when it comes to what most will consider to be investing in SFI and TripleClicks.

This is the very reason why our duplication processes will not work.

What I’m going to share with us today will change the way we think, but we will be building much stronger teams if we follow this option; “Investing in our SFI home business opportunity the best we can means we are purchasing products from TripleClicks that will bring us more visitor traffic, VP, MRP and TC point and credits. We are also investing back into the business to increase profit, which is the only reason why we joined.

Here is were our duplication means business; is when we see our teams growing much stronger, we are never worrying over our credits and commission volume increasing every month. We know our credits, teams, and commissions will be increasing every month because of the products we chose as “Standing Orders” are being duplicated, the investment back into the business is being duplicated, and the products we select, as we can afford is being duplicated.

We no longer worry about who is answering our email, we no longer are concerned about those who are not reading our blog entries, and we do not concern ourselves with those who are inactive, or never respond to our posts and message’s. These are not strong team members, and if they were they would be showing up in our email alerts from SFI Admn.

I know this sounds a little selfish but we must continue on until the stragglers catch up, and keep rewarding the team builders who are duplicating us by investing back into our business with the same products recommended to us by our Sponsors. This is clearly the best investment we can make, and is what the founder makes very clear. This is the heart of duplicating this business with SFI. It is making purchases from TripleClicks that will grow stronger teams and increase profit. Bottom line!


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Spuncksides Promotion Production promotes products and services via the Online Marketing Connection for SFI/TripleClicks online. Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/backtoschoolart
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