How to go about setting up local meetings or seminars to recruit PSAs and PRMs?

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Setting up local meetings or seminars to recruit PSAs and PRMs need a thorough planning and strategies in order to run them successfully. Both need different approaches. A meeting can be between 2 people and a comfortable number of 10 people where you can pay individual attention to every one in a given period of time. A seminar can be a group of 20, 30 or even more than 100 people.
So to be cost effective, I will set up a meeting of 10 people which is comfortable in a room that can accommodate 10 to 15 people with good lighting and audio systems, with fans or air conditioning, and whiteboard, OHP or led projector.

Prior arrangement
Identify the participants, new affiliates, new prospects or any interested participant in SFI business
Arrange for the venue, time, presenter(s), gifts, notes, reading materials, etc.
Cater for tea, lunch or dinner.
Need publicity- Word of mouth
Laptop with power-point presentation or audio
Program schedule with Q&A session.
Ready for FAQ with answers.

What’s the objectives and expected results
Spell out objectives and benefits to participants
To get immediate registration to join
Out of 10 participants, 5 registered immediately while the others may be PRMs is considered successful
Spread the words to get more prospects and to arrange for other/future meetings.
To get 5 active PSAs to be under me while the rest be under my active PSAs
Continue to hold meetings for follow-up and to recruit new members to add up to my team

Actual day
Be punctual
Ensure that everything required is ready
Welcome the participants.

Follow-up actions.
Arrange for follow-up meeting with the participants to get feedback
Keep it touch.
Be ready to answer any questions and render assistance if necessary.

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