Team Effort Really pays off!

We are about to embark upon one of the most powerful marketing strategies ever witnessed by any SFI/TripleClicks online marketing team online. We are very fortunate these resources are available to us because we are all going on 24/7 auto-pilot,  advertising campaigns, and what is so unique about it is we will be sleeping while we earn this  income online.

“SFI Strong Team Builders at TripleClicks Get More Traffic at Our SFI TripleClicks Store!”

We are joining up the Forces of Real Strong team Building!

I recently posted on this blog my situation regarding re-qualification as EA.

Indeed I was quite worried to loose much of my accomplishments, but there was a lesson involved that proved to be invaluable.

SFI did help much as those alerts on the “To-Do List” reminded me daily toward the end of the month of this situation.

What had happened is this; for the month of May my financial situation changed for the worse, which caused a slight setback, but what bothered me the most was the fact that our “Strong Team Building” contest was underway, and in the second month, and my “Standing Order” was delayed.

The Question:

Is it possible for me to meet all of my qualifications without an “Active Standing Order?”

The promise:

“Strong Team Building” Contest 2015

To qualify you have the opportunity of benefiting just by remaining active on our “Movers List” and earn 2 New PSA Members each month, or re-qualification as an EA2, and earn 5 New PSA Members each month.

JAMES UDEOGBA 14 New PSA Members to be delivered for re-qualifying as EA, and remaining active on the “Movers List!”

Buzamat Jenica Florentina 2 New PSA Members to be delivered for remaining active on the “Movers List!”

These will be delivered to you through our “Strong Team Building” Contest which will continue through

year 2015 from our S-Builder Co-Op and Proprofit “Standing Order” via TripleClicks!

The Situation:

Here are two Team Members in need of fulfillment of the promise as “Strong Team Builders” in our contest. Read on, and find the answer and the solution to this extremely discomforting situation as well.

“It helps to have a few “Strong Team Builders” helping to “Build Stronger Teams!”

My status:

Personal Leadership Challenge:

VP you have so far this month = 1,442
VP you need to qualify as Executive Affiliate = 1,500
I need to gain 58 more VP to qualify this month.

Around June 25th, began counting the days.

I had reinvested all direct commissions, TCredits, and MRP credits
back into the business, and was yet short 58 points!

To make a long story short; this alert was in my face every day:

Here is a letter to me from SFI:
Important reminder for Alvin Johnson 
 *** Courtesy Reminder: Less than one week remains ***
 Hi Alvin,
Our records indicate you met or exceeded the 1500 point, 
Executive Affiliate (EA) level in SFI last month.
As of this mailing, however, your points are currently 
BELOW what’s needed to keep you at the executive level THIS MONTH.
If you don’t reach 1500 points by the end of the month, you’ll lose all 
your executive benefits! 

These include all your shares of the TC Executive Pool, 
ECA Royalties, Co-Sponsor Commissions, your Executive Affiliate title, 
TCredits Bonus, and more.

Thanks to our 'Most Active "Strong Team Builder!"

Taking Action:
Action = Points, Points = Credits, Credits = Cash!

We are joining up the Forces of Real Strong team Building!

Thank you Jenica, for remaining active on our movers list!

Without you I would not have reached my goal.

2 New PSA Members to be delivered to you, June 2015 for remaining active on the “Movers List!”


Thank you for your most active membership James!

Without you I would not have reached my goal.

14 New PSA Members to be delivered to you, June 2015 for re-qualifying as EA, and remaining active on the “Movers List!”

You grateful Sponsor,

REAL people. REAL opportunity.

Join me and start growing a second income today.

Alvin Johnson

SFI Executive Affiliate

Team Leader EA2

100 For support of each personally sponsored EA2

For dozens of sponsoring methods, click HERE
For maximum points, follow these strategies
A 100


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