Keeping our Team Affiliates Informed

Just to let our Teams know it is possible!

Greetings ~FIRSTNAME~!

Here is my present status:


VP you have so far this month = 1,442
VP you need to qualify as Executive Affiliate = 1,500
I need to gain 58 more VP to qualify.
This is only a challenge for myself to show it is possible to earn enough income with SFI and reinvest it back into the business,keep our EA2 status, and accumulate enough points if for some reason we fail to have enough finances to support our Standing Order for the month after being in the business 7 months.
Please do not give up on SFI ~FIRSTNAME~!


Here is a letter from SFI:
Important reminder for Alvin Johnson (Your Co-Sponsor)

*** Courtesy Reminder: Less than one week remains ***

Hi Alvin,

Our records indicate you met or exceeded the 1500 point, Executive Affiliate (EA) level in SFI last month. Congratulations! As of this mailing, however, your points are currently BELOW what’s needed to keep you at the executive level THIS MONTH.

If you don’t reach 1500 points by the end of the month, you’ll lose all your executive benefits! These include all your shares of the TC Executive Pool, ECA Royalties, Co-Sponsor Commissions, your Executive Affiliate title, TCredits Bonus, and more.

You’ll also PERMANENTLY LOSE all your co-sponsored affiliates! These include:

Nadeem Viper, PAKISTAN
Fajish Babu, INDIA
Jomar Olpindo, PHILIPPINES
Georgina Moyo, SOUTH AFRICA
Ahmed Cherqaoui, MOROCCO
Senthilkumar R, INDIA
Costante Trere, ITALY
Dinesh G, INDIA
Vansuran Janal, PORTUGAL
Kailash Kushwah, INDIA
Jordan Sweitzer, US
Michael Montem, US
Ursachi Bogdan, GERMANY
Bendjebbar Saddam Hocine, ALGERIA
Elmas Dalipi, MACEDONIA
Phillip Mwebaza Mark, UGANDA
Inam Rasool, PAKISTAN
Ciluana Santos, BRAZIL
Dipak Bohara, NEPAL
Saeed Al Barraj, LEBANON
Hemant Kumar, INDIA
Leandra Vorster, SOUTH AFRICA
Muhammad Ejaz, PAKISTAN
Ivan Davkovski, MACEDONIA
Emese Dankó, HUNGARY
(refer to your genealogy for a complete listing of your CSAs)

DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN! Get to your SFI To-Do List at the Affiliate Center ( and secure your points NOW.

TIP: Set up a Standing Order for 1500 points or more. It’s simple and easy, and you’ll qualify automatically each month for all your executive benefits. PLUS, you’ll get your favorite SFI products at a DISCOUNT PRICE and automatically delivered to you each month without the hassle of having to reorder monthly. Learn more at:

Questions? Contact Affiliate Support at:

THANK YOU for being a valued SFI affiliate!

SFI Admin

On this list are mainly people I have sent out regular mailings to with no response from them.

As we can clearly see there are many benefits to enjoy working with SFI.

We must use our full potential ~FIRSTNAME~.

If you feel this mailing was sent to you by mistake please contact me immediately.


Your Co-Sponsor,

Alvin Johnson
SFI Executive Affiliate (EA2)


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