It’s a fresh, new week! Check out some of SFI’s newest developments

It’s a fresh, new week! Check out some of SFI’s newest developments to help you reach new heights this week!



Navigating your way through Ask SC’s over 40,000 answers to more than 580 questions just got a little easier with a new bookmark feature!

Now, when you come across a specific question you’d like to review later or save for future reference, you can just click that question link and select the blue “Bookmark this question” button. You can then filter your Ask SC questions to display your bookmarked questions (from newest to oldest bookmarks) by selecting “bookmarked questions” from the dropdown menu on Ask SC’s main index page.

To remove a bookmark, just click the red “Remove this bookmark” button in the question’s detail page.



Important tip about Eager Zebra tips!

When it comes to winning games, it’s critical that you know the rules. For every Eager Zebra game (, we provide detailed tips and resources to help you win the game, but you have to go read the information! Always, always, always read the TIPS article we’ve provided! Just click the button located in the top, right corner of each game.

Case in point: Several days after resetting Time Machine with a new question, we continued to observe people entering bad predictions that had NO chance of winning because they had not read the TIPS article. There’s no need to waste your entries when the information you need is just a click away!



How do I get my TripleClicks avatar?

You can get your TripleClicks avatar by heading over to and following the simple directions. You’ll get to personalize your avatar (eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, clothing, glasses, etc.) however you like: make your avatar look just like you or get silly and create a distinctive “alter ego” version of yourself. You’ll also earn 15 VersaPoints when you’re done!

Here are some simple steps to follow to create your avatar:

At the TC Create Your Avatar page, click the “Go to” link. Register there for free (you’ll unlock more customization options) and then click “Create Avatar” in the upper right side of the page. You’ll go through several, easy visual steps to customize your avatar. When you’re finished, be sure to save your avatar before downloading it to your own computer.

Next, back on the TC Create Your Avatar page, click the “Choose Your Avatar” button, locate your avatar file on your computer, and click “Upload.” Verify your avatar was uploaded successfully (do you see your avatar underneath step 3?), and if so, click “Confirm Your Avatar” to submit your image for approval. Once approved, your avatar will start showing up on TripleClicks!

NOTE: An avatar is a virtual representation of your online persona. TripleClicks ONLY uses avatars our members create at Therefore photos or avatars created elsewhere will be rejected.



How do I attract big traffic to my SFI website?

35 answers (top authors: Ana Tomljenovic, Osaro Odiase, Wayne Crocker)



“How To Win Your FIRST Pricebenders Auction”

Check out this helpful post from Bing O. (Diamond Team Leader and Forum Guru), where he outlines several tried-and-true tips for beginners who want to win a Pricebenders auction. Check out the thread and leave a comment or suggestion of your own!

Read the thread here:



TripleClicks now features the products and services of 3,914 ECAs (E-Commerce Associates) from 148 different countries! Check out this week’s featured ECA. And be sure to connect with them to receive notices about future hot deals, closeouts, and sales!

Country’s Jewelry
South Carolina, USA
ECA Customer Rating: Very Good

Peruse a variety of men’s and women’s designer watches and fine jewelry–including necklaces, earrings, and rings for all tastes and occasions–at discount prices. Country’s Jewelry also takes pride in providing unequaled service, so stop by and check it out!

Go to:



Affiliates weigh in on the new ECA Referral Gateway:

“I like the new layout. It seems to me that this will attract more business-minded people who want to sell their merchandise globally.”
–David A.

“Nice, simple layout. I like the orange tab click-through buttons for more information and access to the ECA application form. Thanks, Gery and team!”
–GT. B.

“I really agree with everyone in regards to this one. It is crisp, clean, and fun, yet intriguing. Nicely done.”
–Sharon S.

“A total diva makeover, the ECA Gateway now has what’s needed to recruit even more e-commerce professionals, which is exactly what we need to bring prices down and provide more local buying options. And when those things happen, our PRM referrals will skyrocket.”
Andrew A.

“The new layout is looking great and the interface seems to be increasing signups.”
–Nanda K.

“I think the new Gateway is excellent and easier for potential ECAs to understand and get their head around.”
Ben A.

“The new ECA referral Gateway is just what I needed. Thanks to SFI and the team for working on newer methods to help all to get the word out about SFI and TripleClicks. Excellent Gateway. Thanks for another great tool.”
–J.C. M.



17th successful year for SFI (30th for SFI’s parent company)
1.6 million affiliates (22,332 new added last week)
3.8 million TripleClicks members
88,881 commissionable products (807 new added last week)
3,914 E-Commerce Affiliates (in 148 countries)
98 LocalPay Merchants (in 29 countries)
Millions – Commissions paid out to our affiliates (in US Dollars)



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A new S&W contest has just started!  Today’s access questions pertain to this Bid & Build announcement:

The deadline to play is 11:59:59 pm, March 31st.  Get to the following Webpage now:

Note that there is no obligation and no purchase is necessary.  Just enter the correct answers, spin the wheel, and you’ll be a instant winner…with up to 1000 VersaPoints added immediately to your account!

Tip: After you’ve collected your prize, check out the links located to the right of the S&W machine.  We’ve provided you instant access to the latest SFI and TripleClicks news, plus also several valuable links for tips on how to grow your business.



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Tip: Someone may have already started a thread, so check the NEWEST section first.


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