Fresh Updates for Team Building Investment with SFI


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SFI Team Building @TripleClicks

We have made it just this easy for you at SFI TripleClicks. Invest in your own personal financial capabilities. You will be amazed!

We have completed the initial stages of the “Extreme Marketing Strategy” campaign.

It is suggested to we have no need to continue posting ads directly on social media sites.

Our blogs are created with the intention to build stronger teams.

Where we are going now is geared more towards finding individuals who desire to become business owners, customers who wish to make online purchases, and individuals who have things to sell, and sponsor more Personal Sponsored Affiliates (PSA), purchase (CSA), and enroll more E-Commerce Associates (ECA)

The blogs were created to attract attention of our team members and allow them to see what we do.

The main purpose for creating a blog is for journalism and to inform. This initial stage is now complete.

It is time to:

• Seek individuals who desire to become business owners
• Seek customers who wish to make online purchases
• Seek individuals who have things to sell

1. Sponsor more Personal Sponsored Affiliates (PSA),
2. Purchase (CSA)
3. Personal Referred Members (PRM)
4. Enroll more E-Commerce Associates (ECA)

While sharing information we want to include our Team Members and our prospective customers.

Add Shop

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Our Team members are also considered our customers. We must serve them well if we are seriously building stronger teams. This means we must simplify our actions to make more time for our customers.

We communicate these goals, and advertise along the way if we intend to build stronger teams.

Yes, we do need to concentrate more on your own team building.

I will advise you to set up your Standing Order for PSA’s, and TCredits. The S-Builder is also a great start.

Also work on adding another Standing Order for Traffic to your JTM website. There are enough credits to have all of these in place if you have been with SFI 3 months or over.

Investing back into this business can be accomplished with mostly the income from points and credits.

This is what you focus on more than ever.

Remember this: Action = Points, Points = Credits, Credits = Cash!

Invest it back into the business in 2 ways.

1) More traffic
2) More Affiliates PSA, and CSA PRM and ECA

Tripleclicks store is where we accomplish these ends over time by creating a “Wish List” and establishing our budget from the wish list.

During our team building streak, which should last for at least 3 years, we select only ECA’s that bring you more visitor traffic, our investment in higher volumes of more TC Credits back into the business should be increased in our second year along with more visitor traffic to our websites.

So to wrap this all up our focus is on building stronger teams. We have to sign up many new members to create a 2% return on investment. This means only 2% out of 100 will be serious.

It is important to understand this reality. This must be accepted first before you gain success with this business.

All of these options are provided through TripleClicks!

So just set back and think about how many ways you can effectively attract more traffic and gain more customers through making purchases from our TripleClicks store using TC and MRP credits.
1) Set up Standing Order
2) Create Wish List for TC credits and visitor traffic for PSA, ECA, and CSA purchases
3) Establish the Monthly Budget from the Wish List
4) Publish our goals! (Blog)

Not only do we publish our goals on a journal for ourselves, it should also reflect in our advertising on our websites and blogs what we intend to accomplish while building stronger teams.

This way our Associate Affiliates can see how we work, and duplication is processed all under one roof!

Our websites and blogs, provide information for our team builders, and draw more traffic to help us build stronger teams along the way.

We give our Website and blog URL’s to our ECA’s.

Our ECA’s drive more site traffic, and help us gain more Affiliate customers.

Can you see the gears turning together now?

 Now let’s get busy!

Brought to you by:

Gemini Radio Group

Radio SFI is your personalized 24/7 Internet radio station. All commercials are SFI/TripleClicks commercials directing listeners to your SFI gateway websites. We provide the music, the DJs, the commercials, the engineers, the hosting and streaming all for about 42 cents per day.



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13 Responses to Fresh Updates for Team Building Investment with SFI

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  2. dyule2014 says:

    How do I add some followers to your Site Alvin this would be helpful


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  4. spunckside says:

    Just use the share buttons, this will be fine Donna.


  5. dyule2014 says:

    Thank you Alvin Johnson updating for all your SFI Stong Team Building @ TripleClicks

    We are joining up the Forces of Real Strong Team Building

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  6. dyule2014 says:

    Starting February 5, 2015 updates for SFI Strong Team Building @ Tripleclicks

    We are Joining up the Forces of Real Strong Team Building.


  7. spunckside says:

    Reblogged this on Spuncksides Promotion Production and commented:

    Learn how to learn to make income before you decide to join us.


  8. spunckside says:

    Thank you for keeping me informed Donna. I have not caught up with you. I’m working back to your way.


  9. spunckside says:

    What this means Donna, we will have the capability to incorporate sharing from outside resources that do this for us. They are called share buttons, and very few know how to use them without cloaking links, and shortened URL’s. This practice has become obsolete. Email me and I will explain this to you.


  10. spunckside says:

    Hi Donna,

    Your support here is the perfect example of what is to occur if this venture is to be considered a successful one.


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