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Hi, my name is Alvin, and I’ve been an SFI affiliate for over a year.

I’m with SFI because they’re the real deal. For nearly two decades now they’ve been providing anyone who’s willing to work a real way to earn extra income as an Internet marketer…from the comfort of their home.

One of the things I really love about SFI is that there’s never any purchase or sales requirements. Most companies have to have such requirements…or there would be no sales. But with SFI, there’s so much good stuff going on that sales, success, and commissions just flow naturally! And because SFI provides such outstanding training and tools, it doesn’t matter if you have any experience in marketing or not. You simply need to plug in to their proven system and go to work.

SFI’s e-commerce store,, is a big part of it. TripleClicks is one of the fastest growing and most popular e-commerce sites on the Web today. And starting from your very first day as an SFI affiliate, you can share in the profits of EVERY sale at TripleClicks. For real! Over 90,000 products from all over the world, 24-hour penny auctions, exclusive music downloads, and a variety of great online games are just part of what makes TripleClicks so special. TripleClicks has something for everyone–and that makes online selling both lucrative and fun!

But the best part about SFI is that they’re only scratching the surface of what they’re likely to become during the next 10 years. Their potential is off the charts! And that’s why I invite you to join my SFI group today and start sharing in the fun and profits. Remember, there are no required costs EVER…and there’s no obligation.

Sign up FREE!

One more thing: My #1 job in SFI is helping the affiliates that I sponsor become successful. When you join my team, know that in me you will have a committed partner and mentor, and that I stand ready to assist you in any way I can.

Thank you and I hope to hear you’ve joined my team soon.

Alvin Johnson

Proud SFI affiliate since 2014

Why You’ll Love SFI

Now in 17th successful year (parent company’s 30th year)

Start earning money within minutes just by doing simple free actions

No experience necessary; we train you free

No purchase requirements ever and it’s ALWAYS FREE

Built-in profit sharing (share in the profits from ALL sales at each month)

A proven company that gets results everyday

Thousands of SFI affiliates around the world earn commissions every day

Debt-free company

Fun, fast, modern program built for the Internet

Continuous income cycling (earn 24 hours a day/365 days a year)

90,000+ commissionable products + new products added daily

Earn money everywhere (in over 190 countries worldwide)

World-class 24/7 support & assistance

Start fast with our cutting edge, “plug-in-and-go” marketing tools and programs

Work from the comfort of your home on your computer, tablet, or smartphone or go mobile and take your business with you as you travel

Free customized-for-you websites

Personal, one-on-one support available around the clock

We take care of all orders, payments, shipping, and customer service for you

Learn and earn at your own pace

Excellent long-term residual income potential

One of the fastest-growing companies of its kind in the world today

A strong family culture, we all work together for mutual success

What Others Are Saying

“Being burned badly in the past I researched SFI very carefully. What I found was the most well-put-together affiliate program I have ever seen. No program is perfect, but this one’s darn close.”

“The SFI program works! I cannot recommend any other affiliate program more strongly.”

“I don’t think anyone could go wrong with the superior training and support that SFI freely offers to their affiliates. And the products are great too.”

“SFI works. I didn’t think I could do anything like this, but I took the chance and have proven myself wrong.”

“WOW, this program is the one that delivers everything they say and more!”

“I spent almost a year looking for the right opportunity. Then, I found out about SFI. My search was over. SFI had everything I was looking for–quality products, training, a support system, and a genuine opportunity.”

This business has been a joy! I get paid for playing on the Internet and helping others to do the same!”

“I am constantly amazed at the power of SFI. This is truly exciting, and the best part is that it’s FREE to sign up.”


SFI has an excellent Support Staff.  Read the SFI Support response to the question:
Date: 01/15/2015 1:27 pm: “Is it good practice to support those outside of your immediate team?”
You should become friends with affiliates not in your upline or downline because you can learn from others how to become successful in SFI. To make this very easy, you can send group messages to all of your a2a friends from the homepage Stream tab (just select a2a Friends from the dropdown menu), so you can easily share your best tips and ideas. Tip: Seek out successful affiliates in your country to learn the strategies that work best for your country or region of the world.
Sponsors have little or no time for their downlines.
Many people can only focus on their businesses part-time. Therefore, they do not have much time to explain the procedure to their downline. This can create a communication gap between them and their affiliates.
Though I treat SFI as a full-time business, there are times when I have to choose my business over something else. Several times I have been overwhelmed by an unexpected number of new affiliates; it’s a temptation to just let the welcome letters go and see what happens. That’s when my focus on my business takes over, and I decide to write the welcome letters and fit whatever else I have to do into a later time niche.
This is what part-time business owners must do–choose SFI or choose something else. If you stop focusing on SFI, your business will eventually cease to be. This is a choice for the sponsor; it has nothing to do with the new affiliate.
When we say that new affiliates become overwhelmed by the vast SFI knowledge base and related training, we are really saying they are losing interest because of all they are required to do. Because our new PSAs come from all sorts of cultures, different educational backgrounds, and a variety of work experiences ranging from none to 40 or 50 years, we just don’t know how they will react to all the information available to the them. This is why we must think of small ways to reduce the stress placed on new affiliates.
In these next few sections, we will discuss some possible solutions to the problems coming from our Forum analysis above. These solutions are not intended as suggestions for revising the already wonderful way SFI helps new affiliates get off to a good start. The solutions are intended for Team Leaders and other upline members who may be in a position to influence new PSAs and answer their questions.
Failure to log in every day and do the required work.
SFI does a wonderful job of explaining, in depth, why affiliates should log in every day and collect as many VP as they can to ultimately increase their rank and income. There are many new affiliates who don’t want to spend the time to learn about how everything works. At this point, they may not care about SFI’s Executive Pool compensation; they just want to know that more VP means more money. Period.
Sponsors, when answering questions about the importance of logging in every day, should try to give quick, short answers to the importance of daily VP. Unless the affiliate has specific questions about other SFI aspects, don’t say anything more.
I hope some of this information is helpful.
Thank you,
TC/SFI Support Team

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